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Reusable wet bags from Planet Wise and Itzy Ritzy

We’ve been using these

Planet Wise wet bags for about a year to tote wet bathing suits around after every swimming lesson or pool event. The voting is unanimous. My wife, who usually doesn’t like more “stuff” thinks they are great. They are reusable and long lasting, and come in 14 color styles

Since these came out, there are many other companies getting into the game, all with fashion forward colors and designs, which make this item a good gift and accessory. I just got an 11X14 bag from Itzy Ritzy which is big enough to handle my suit and sun shirt.

There are now a lot of manufacturers making these, but these are two we’ve used and they are worth the $12-15 for storing wet suits, diapers, even leaky food items.

Both of these are well-made with PVC-free waterproof liners and locking zippers. I even saw a demo with the Planet Wise filled with water and it didn’t even leak through the zipper.