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Booster seat for the style conscious

The Clek Olli booster seat is billed as a seat “designed for kids and engineered for parents.” And I must say that my daughter loves her powder blue one (though she hopes they come out with a pink), but not for the reasons the marketing materials proclaim. She has never complained about “numb bum,” nor pined away for the “finger grips for added comfort,” but she does appreciate them now. I also had no idea that it’s important to latch a booster seat into newer cars with the latch anchors (hidden between the cushions). I can’t see any safety advantage to the restrained booster seat with a child in it, but that’s not why the latches are there. They are there to overcome the big safety sin we commit all the time: leaving a booster unoccupied in the back seat, which would become a lethal projectile in case of an accident. The Clek Olli Booster comes only as a seat, with an accompanying back, so is only appropriate for use with kids 40-100 pounds and 40-57 inches tall.