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More Problems With Plastics – US News and World Report

Wow. WOW! In case there wasn’t already enough data on BPA and phthalates, this article really freaked me out and you’ll soon read why. This birth defect, proven to be caused in rats by plastics, may be isn’t talked about much, but seems very common.

We are in the process of eliminating all plastics in the house, little by little. We started with #7 bottles, moving toward eliminating plastic bags and wraps, all plastic dishes, and soon plastic bottles entirely.

More Problems With Plastics
Like BPA, chemicals called phthalates raise some concerns

By Adam Voiland
Posted May 7, 2008
The urethra is supposed to emerge at the tip of the penis, but in 1 out of every 300 baby boys, its opening is elsewhere—sometimes just underneath the head, or midway down the shaft, or even at the base of the scrotum. No one knows what causes the defect, called hypospadias, but studies have shown that widespread chemicals called phthalates can reproduce it in rodents

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