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What is ‘Baby Drop’ and What Does It Mean for Your Spouse?

If your spouse is a first-time mom, she may feel the baby ‘drop’ some weeks before her delivery is due. This happens when the baby changes position inside the uterus, and drops lower into her pelvis. This is usually a welcome indication that the baby’s head has entered the birth canal to prepare for delivery. It may also mean that the time for birth is not too far behind now.

The baby dropping, which is also referred to as ‘lightening,’ may happen several weeks before the actual delivery in the case of first-time moms. However, for succeeding pregnancies, it does not happen until just before the onset of labor.

After the baby drops, the mother may report a relaxation of some of the uncomfortable sensations of pregnancy. However, this may be offset by the newer set of complaints she develops.

Here are some changes experienced by the mother because of the baby dropping: