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What you Need to Know about The Difference Between Antibiotics Use and Overuse

An antibiotic can be defined as a drug that kills or prevents the growth of bacteria. Ever since they were invented early in the last century, antibiotics have earned the reputation of being wonderful, life-saving tools. They can be used for ear, bladder and some throat infections, particularly strep throat. But in case of flues, colds, etc., antibiotics won’t be effective at all.

40 percent of the time, children leave their pediatrician’s office with a prescription for antibiotics. Their overuse, however, is dangerous.

When using antibiotics, it is important to remember:

The world is now seeing the emergence of serious bacteria which are resistant to antibiotics. This is the biggest concern about antibiotic abuse for the medical community.

Disclaimer: The above information is commonsense reflection drawn from general experience. If you are looking for expert medical advice, please consult your doctor.