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Be a patient dad as your kids get older

As a father, it can be hard to maintain a level head as your kids get older. They can start to talk back, curse and generally have a constant bad attitude. While this is frustrating, it's important that you don't lose your cool. Here are some helpful tips to keep your anger in check and patience at the front of your mind.

Mark your anger
Sometimes, there are so many instances where you get angry that you lose track of the impulses to freak out. To control your urges to yell, try making note of each time you feel the need to scream. The more aware you are of your reactions, the better opportunity you have to control them.

Take a break
It's natural in fatherhood to be around your kids all the time. But this can wear you down – you can never get back to neutral and eventually run out of patience. Try walking away for a few minutes and taking some deep breaths. It'll help clear your mind and cool you down.

Being a dad isn't easy, but it doesn't need to be impossible. You can even laugh when your kids get on your nerves. After all, they're young and have plenty of time to make you proud down the road.