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Prospective dads should make lifestyle changes

Heidi Murkoff, author of the pregnancy guide What to Expect When You’re Expecting, has recommended that men make some of the same lifestyle changes as women when a couple is trying to conceive, as part of family planning.

Speaking to the Herald, Ms Murkoff suggested that like women, prospective dads should first check their family history for hereditary health problems.

In addition, they should avoid exposure to potential toxins such as alcohol, illegal drugs and chemicals, while smokers should try and kick the habit.

Men trying for a baby with their partner must also endeavor to ensure they are fit and active by taking regular exercise and eating healthily.

An estimated three million American men have fertility problems, while half of all miscarriages are due to poor sperm quality, according to pregnancy guru Ruth Sharkey.

She suggests that even spending a long time sitting down in an air-conditioned office can affect a man’s fertility.

In her book, Fertile Fathers, she says: "It’s no set thing that [that] would be causing infertility. It’s a range of factors."