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Going for a babymoon

As the baby countdown clock ticks down, many friends with kids are likely telling you that life after kids will never be the same, which is true, by the way.


Among the many changes they will advertise will be the end to sleeping in with the sunday paper, the end to the vast majority of romantic dinners, the end to spontaneous trips as a couple, the end to… well, most of life as you know it. That’s why a major trend for couples is a “babymoon.”


The babymoon is the last trip a couple takes to pamper themselves, and especially the mom before travel really gets too difficult to be enjoyable. Trips range everywhere from a one-night getaway in a local hotel to two-week-plus splurge adventures.


If you can afford to get away, both from a financial and vacation time perspective, a babymoon is a good idea to get you out of the routine of baby planning. However, far more important is to talk about how you will organize time for the two of you after the baby comes, while keeping your relationship as a couple as close as it was before with a third person in the house.