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Importance of vitamin D emphasized to expecting couples

Fathers-to-be would be wise to advise their pregnant wife to take vitamin D while she expecting, if they want their child to have a healthy set of pearly whites.

Researchers at the University of Manitoba, in Canada, found that low levels of the vitamin in mothers can have a negative impact on infants’ primary tooth calcification.

In other words, the development of their tooth enamel could be compromised, which is required to prevent dental decay. As a result, their oral health could be affected for years to come.

The scientists looked at 135 babies for signs of tooth enamel defects and decay and found that of those who were suffering from these problems, most had mothers with significantly lower vitamin D levels.

In addition, they looked at the amount of the vitamin 206 pregnant women had in their system in the second trimester of pregnancy and found that only 10.5 percent of them had adequate levels.

UV rays from the sun contain vitamin D, so those who live in a cold part of the US or tend to spend most of their time indoors may need to obtain it from elsewhere. Fish is the only food source to contain it naturally, but products such as milk and breakfast cereals are also fortified with it.

In addition, there are a range of supplements available that expectant moms can take to boost their levels.