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Trying to Get Pregnant?

Trying to Get Pregnant?


Congratulations! Becoming a father is one of the most exciting times in a man’s life. Whether you’re dreaming of fatherhood, trying to conceive or already pregnant, you’ve come to the right place. This section was made especially for you!


Pregnancy can be a joyous time. But it also can be a time of uncertainty and worry. Getting informed is the first step in keeping your wife and your baby healthy. Read on to find out about the changes and challenges of the next nine months.



Whether you’re just dreaming of fatherhood, are already trying, or have had problems conceiving, this is the place for you.


Planning a baby? See your doctor first!

Your doctor will help you prepare your wife’s body for a healthy baby. Discuss any health concerns and ask for advice on conceiving. Also, make sure to tell your doctor if your wife is seeing other doctors, such as mental health specialists.


Before You Start Trying

Trying to Conceive

Is she Pregnant?