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‘Baby’ Fat – Cute no More!

Is it a reason to worry when you see those few extra pounds piling up on your baby?

The Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center says that being over weight early on in life leads to life threatening troubles in the future even if the child loses those extra pounds later on in life. Babies who were on the heavier side are more prone to suffer from arthritis and atherosclerosis in the later stages of their life.

Babies need fat intake and cholesterol in the first two years of their lives as their bodies are rapidly growing. Infants have 25% baby fat early in life. But you need to know when to stop continuing the same food chart and here are some signs that can highlight your way:

Know if your child is obese

What can you do to protect your children from obesity?

Play an active role in the nutrition and activity level of your children, right from the beginning