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Review: Moonman Plush Toy

Moonman Lovey is a comforting character from Nana Star and the Moonman, the second book of the Nana Star Series.  His big yellow head, sleepy eyes, and sweet grin top a soft, snuggly body. A single press on the star in his tummy and a 16-second version of the Moonman theme begins to play and his face lights up like the moon. The theme can be heard playing in the background of the oral version of the story read on the CD that accompanies the book.   


•    Sweet to cuddle and soft to the touch

•    Children identify the Moonman with safety and bedtime

•    Battery pack inside Moonman’s back has on/off switch


•    Once the music is started, it cannot be stopped

•    Music is rather loud and plays from Moonman’s head, where child is probably snuggled

•    Velcro patch on back where battery pack is stored often leaves a strip of scratchy side of the Velcro exposed, creating rough patch

The Moonman plush looks as sweet as sweet can be. With him accompanying the book, he’s sure to be a hit. If Moonman is strictly a bedtime companion, disabling the music or playing it before the book is read will decrease most of the cons listed above.