Has Your Sex Life Been Lacking Ever
Since You Had Kids?

Here's How To Have Great Sex Again.

Your sex life is probably terrible since the birth of your kid. Mine was. I was there, I suffered through it for three long and painful years.

My wife Stacey and I used to have amazing sex -- especially when we were first married.

But over time, it got worse and worse. Work, responsibilities, adult life -- eventually we were having sex once a week.

And once our son Scott was born, it went down to once a month.

We Then Discovered A Secret: There's A Formula To Bringing Back The Great Sex

After working long and hard to have great sex again and trying to figure out why sex was great sometimes and wasn't at other times, I discovered the secrets to having a great sex life even after you have kids. These include:

Doing all of these is harder than it seems. You can't just ignore kids screaming in the background! But there is a way to do it, a secret formula and pattern...

"Getting The Sex You Need During And After Pregnancy"

It's Not Just More Fun: It's Healthier

Having amazing sex is endless fun. But the best part is, it's important for your health, both mental and physical.

Study after study recommends that, to be healthy and live long, you need to have great sex. Period.

By not having great sex, you are shortening your life!

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"It isn't the Kama Sutra, but it was really helpful in bringing passion back into our marriage"

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"There were some good ideas that I need to try out with my wife"

--Mark S., Newton, MA

Why Wait Before Having Great Sex Again?

Here is what you need to remember: you can be having great sex right now. There is no reason why you shouldn't be. What would you rather do, be reading this web page or making passionate, intimate love with your wife? I know what you should be doing!