Did Your Sex Life Disappear After You Had Kids? Here Is How To Bring It Back.

Everyone's sex life vanishes after kids. With the exhaustion taking care of everyone, the long hours -- it's the way it goes.

But it doesn't need to.

After trying everything under the sun, I found the secrets to bringing amazing sex back into married life.

I've discovered six secrets to keeping up great sex once you have a family. They include:
  • How To Relax Your Mind and Let Go -- So you can forget the day-to-day troubles and concentrate on the fun
  • How To Find Alone Time -- Finding time to be alone is logistically challenging, and here are tips on how to solve that.
  • How To Occupy The Kids -- So they don't disturb you when you are home
  • How To Kiss Your Wife -- In ways that will turn her on
  • How To Be Romantic In A Family Context -- Things to do that excite her and will excite you, too
  • How To Have Wild Sex -- While not doing anything that the family can discover
  • How To Increase Your Libido -- To Put the kick back into your sex drive
  • How To Create The Sexy Mood -- The Music and movies to put you both into the mood
  • How To Not Be Embarrassed -- About Wanting to have more and better sex after kids
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It's Not Just More Fun: It's Healthier

How Did This Come About?

It was hard for me to stop having sex after my wife got pregnant. The change happened almost overnight.

I tried everything. Being romantic. Pills. Reading books. Nothing helped.

Then I had an idea: what if I snuck up on her when she was cooking and kissed her neck by surprise. I did it--and she loved it. This one touch, this one day in the kitchen, was the touch that led to everything after that.

I started trying new techniques -- in the bed. In the family. Finding ways to distract the children. Having the children spend more time with their grandparents. Everything together led to a revolution.

"Getting The Sex You Need During And After Pregnancy"
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