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SingleDad.com is offering coaching – 15 minutes free

Our friend, RJ Jamarillo is offering coaching for single dads on subjects ranging from custody to what to make for dinner tonight. He wants to share what he’s learned as a single dad with three kids. Finally, after countless hours of meetings, interviews and test cases; I am proud to announce the world’s first coaching service offered to the Single Parent Community using live “face to face” video conferencing. SingleDad Coaching service is not just about post divorce coaching; it’s about life. All topics are open to discussion; from cooking lessons to co-parenting advice…. What makes it so unique is that each person can customize their coaching sessions, specific to their needs in their single parent transition. Give it a try or share it with someone you know that needs a little help. All initial 15-minute consultations are FREE so give it a try!

SingleDad Coaching is Live!