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Books for kids to celebrate fatherís day

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Some times, rather than a present for themselves, dads just like to see the kids enjoy a new toy or book. Here is a selection of books for young kids where the dad is the star. Iím an old softie when it comes to books and images of dads spending good times with their kids. My daughter has two or three books that feature dads and daughters and it makes me feel very special that she reserves a special place on her shelf for them. While we have not read any of the titles listed in this article, Iím going to check them out before next Sunday.

Hereís an excerpt from the Seattle Times Article and the list of books:

One girl likens her dad to a dog. One dad is convinced heís a bird. Another dad lives away and a fourth works late but has a great lullaby in a wide-ranging selection of childrenís books for Fatherís Day.

ďMy Father the DogĒ by Elizabeth Bluemle and illustrated by Randy Cecil (Candlewick Press, $6.99, ages 4-7). He scratches, fetches and growls when startled out of a nap. He likes the window rolled down and the breeze on his face during a drive. He pees on a tree and toots on the couch. Yep, this clownish dad is a lot like a dog as his daughter observes, but heís a loyal, loving one. Bluemle reassuringly promises in a postscript: ďThis book is not based on my own father. Honest, Dad, itís not.Ē

[From Books | Father's Day books celebrate dads of all kinds | Seattle Times Newspaper]

My Father the Dog

Papa and Me

A Day with Dad

Daddy Hugs

My Dadís a Birdman

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By Birdie,   From It's good to see someone thinking it thogruh.
It's good to see someone thinking it thogruh.

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