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 announces FREE mobile application

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
Subscribe to Newsletters announces mobile application for Blackberry, Android and now available on iPhone has developed a free mobile application to help dads find activities to do with their kids. The application actually tells you what activities are closest to you based on the phone's GPS coordinates. It includes activities such as museums, outdoor adventures, and current activities.  Click on GreatDad Mobile Application to get yours for free.

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By Steve,   From Syracuse
I love this app and have recommended it to others, but how the heck do you submit local events (i.e. parades, city festivals, etc.)?

By Matt,   From Philadelphia
I too have the same connection problem as Jason is seeing. I am running Android 2.2 on a nexus 1.

By Mark,   From New York
I love this app! I live in NYC where the city never sleeps, and this app never ceases to amaze me with options I never thought of. It would be great to have it on the web as well! On a side note, the app is how I found your site, keep up the great work.

By Pablo,   From Glendora
This app works great on my BB Curve. the fonts are a tad small on the icons but it is very useful. So many events and things to do.
You should make this its own website, it would be great to plan out your time with the kids while you are on your laptop or PC.

By Paul,   From San Francisco
Regarding Jason's comments, we've found that this could be an issue with some Blackberries and some providers for Blackberry. Unfortunately, there are no settings to adjust, it's a Blackberry issue. Luckily, this affects a very small group of users, and only those using Blackberry. We'll continue to look into this for the future. Thanks!

By Jason,   From Indianapolis
I downloaded your mobile app for my blackberry and when trying to run the program there is a message that says, "Connected...Getting your channels." It then goes to, "There seems to be a connection problem , Please ask your administrator to adjust your settings!" There is no admin for my phone. I changed all the permissions to "allow," but nothing seems to work. I would guess this to be why you have no reviews in the BB app world forum, it probably not working for anyone. Please reply using provided email.

By PaulD,   From Las Vegas
Great app. Looking forward to using it in San Francisco this weekend!

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