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Six Worst Baby Bedding Mistakes Parents Make

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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New parents often tend to pick up baby bedding items more for their looks than functionality. However, buying the right kind of baby bedding requires more thought. In fact, your baby's safety and comfort may actually depend on it.

Use the following tips to avoid the worst mistakes parents make while buying baby bedding:

DON'T ignore safety
Ensure that the crib you use confirms to the safety standards set by the government. Look for any parts that can be potentially dangerous to your baby, such as sharp corners, flimsy castors, or slats that are too wide apart (not more than 2 .5 inches). While opting for a used crib, ensure that it is not included in the list of recalled crib models.

DON'T use allergy-inducing baby bedding material
Buy only baby bedding items made from materials such as wool, cotton, or baby-friendly synthetic materials that are not known to cause allergies.

DON'T buy soft baby bedding
Make sure that the mattress you buy for your baby is firm—soft baby bedding can suffocate babies and has been identified as being a leading risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

DON'T stuff the crib with cushions
Avoid having too many items in you up the crib with additional cushions. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises that you should never leave pillows, cushions, or soft items such as toys in the crib, as this considerably increase the risk of SIDS.

DON'T use bumper pads
Many health experts and organizations including the AAP recommend that you should NOT use bumper pads as these are believed to increase the risk of SIDS.

If you decide to use bumper pads, ensure that these are not soft or bulky, and are properly attached to the sides of the crib. Cut off any extra bits of string that may be dangling inside the crib. Once your baby starts sitting up or trying to stand, it may be safer to remove the bumper pads.

DON'T use rubber sheets
Parents often cover the mattress with a rubber sheet to ensure dryness. However, rubber often tends to irritate baby skin. Instead, buy one of those flannel-lined mattress pads that are specially designed for use with baby bedding.

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