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Baby Products You Don't Need And Shouldn't Buy

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Before the baby is born many parents buy everything that they possibly can in order to be well prepared. There is a long list of baby products that dads and mom regret buying after they realize how unhelpful these products really are. So if you are on a baby budget or simply don’t want to take the trouble to return the products then simply glance through the list of baby products which our readers have certified as the ones that you don’t need and shouldn’t buy.

“We got a baby helmet that is really stupid, also diaper wipe warmer- come on what a waste.”

“The baby food spinner.”
-K, Richmond, NH

“I received two giant baby bottles (full of equally useless stuff) at a dad-baby shower at work. Embarrassing to walk through the building carrying those! Big, goofy looking and a complete waste of space. I think we gave them to Goodwill at some point.”
-Paul, Omaha, NE

“I got a diaper warmer with an adapter to plug it into the cigarette lighter in your car.”
-Casey, Overland Park, KS

“I think it was a hand holder but it looked more like a dog leash.”
-D, Carthage, NC

“Old fashion diaper pins (and they smelled like cigarettes).”
-Jamie, Erie, PA

“A baby bath robe”
-Don, Richmond, NH

“Diaper Genie. We got two used ones as gifts, never used them. Had no bags in them. Replacements were expensive. Takes up space. Just used plastic bags and if the smell was bad dumped them in to the garage. We finally gave them to someone else.”
-Landy, Gilroy, CA

“Has to be the diaper genie, could not figure out how to use it and in about a week it broke anyway.”
-Chris, Milwaukee, WI

“A baby headband; they are so unnecessary and unbecoming!”
-Ed, Skokie, IL

“A bottle holder that ties the bottle to the baby.”
-William, Prescott Valley, AZ

“We received a bear that plays heartbeat sounds. It always freaked our kids out.”
-Ryan, Stow

“We were given jewelry (necklaces, bracelets) for our newborn girls. They were literally tiny to fit them as newborns.”
Gus, El Paso, TX

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By Howard,   From Dallas
I actually LOVE the Diaper Genie, what I find useless is the baby crawling pad. Used for "tummy time" Yeah because a clean towel wouldn't work.

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