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Building a Tree House for Your Kids

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Building a tree house is a great project idea for a dad. For one thing, it is a fun activity for the kids that also has learning value to it. Besides, a tree house means that the kids have their own special place to spend quality hours with their friends in the safe environment of your own backyard.

While you don't have to be an engineering expert to build a tree house, it does require some thought and care. Apart from the crucial safety aspect, you also have to ensure that your tree house is functional and aesthetic. Here are tips to help you build one.

1. Select an appropriate tree: As the foundation for the tree house, you need to select an appropriate tree. To start, it has to be big and sturdy enough. Ideally, it would have to be one with the 'V' shaped formation to support your house. Lastly, ensure that your tree is located away from potential hazards such as high voltage wires.

2. Plan a foundation: A strong foundation is essential to hold up your tree house. Decide the size of the house you are building and determine whether you will need extra supporting posts for balance.

3. Build a base: Once the foundation is in place, you can start building a strong base for your house. A simple way to do this is to lay out flat boards across the branches (and supporting posts, if you have used them) and nailing or fastening them together to make the house; make sure you don't leave nail ends sticking out to hurt your kids. An even better way, especially if this is your first tree house, would be to refer to some tree house plans and building directions featured in books or on the internet.

4. Finish the house: Once the main structure of your house is complete, it's up to you to add the smaller details to make it more appealing to children. They will be very happy to help you decorate it the way they'd like it. Don't forget to include a ladder, preferably one made of sturdy rope, that the kids can drop down or pull up as they want.

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