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Make Your Own Halloween Masks

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With Halloween right around the corner, specialty stores are stocking their shelves with costumes and masks for adults and children. This year, instead of spending money on buying Halloween masks which your child will likely rip or lose by the end of the evening, why don't you considering making homemade Halloween masks? Put on your creative hat and get cracking because here is an easy method for creating Halloween masks for your little trick-or-treater.

The Supplies
Large paper bag (such as from a supermarket)
Colored construction paper
Black marker
Miscellaneous decorations (depending on the theme of mask)

The Process
Step 1
The first step is to make sure that the Halloween masks fit the faces of the people who are going to wear them. If you are creating one for your child, start by gently pulling the paper bag over your child's face and press it against his features. Make note of where his eyes, nose, and mouth are by lightly marking their outline on the bag in pencil.

Step 2
The next step for making Halloween masks is to use scissors to cut out the areas where the eyes, nose, and mouth should be, as per the markings you made earlier. If necessary, fold the paper to help you create symmetrical shapes when cutting. Don't press down too firmly though as you will create a noticeable crease on the mask.

Step 3
Pick a design. Does your child want to be a specific character? An animal? A goblin? Use the black marker and miscellaneous decorations to add the appropriate details. Create contrasting color patterns and other features using the colored construction paper.

Step 4
If you use glue to attach any materials, leave the mask in a place to dry where it will not be disturbed. After all your hard work you want to make sure the mask is in good shape for the main event.

Step 5
Come October 31, put on your Halloween masks and go trick-or-treating!

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