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Pregnancy Calendar: How You Can Help Your Spouse during Her Pregnancy

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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The presence of early pregnancy symptoms is an indication that your spouse needs to undergo a pregnancy test. If positive, it means your spouse is on her way to give birth to your baby.

However, pregnancy—divided into three trimesters—remains a mysterious period for most women. And as for the men, most expectant dads go through these months without a slightest clue as to what is expected of them. Here is a pregnancy calendar to prepare you on what to expect from your spouse and how best to help her.

Pregnancy Calendar: First Trimester

What your spouse will experience:

The sudden hormonal rush during this phase may lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms and sensations for your spouse. Nausea (commonly referred to as morning sickness) and an aversion for certain foods items may become apparent. Weakness or fatigue is another common symptom at this stage.

What you can do:

As the full import of the pregnancy starts to sink in, you can discuss the baby with your spouse. You could also accompany her during her visits to the obstetrician. Make use of this relatively relaxed period by spending quality time together, at home and outside.

Pregnancy Calendar: Second Trimester

What your spouse will experience:

The initial distressing symptoms such as nausea will now subside. However, your spouse's belly will continue to expand throughout this stage. This will restrict her movements considerably. Bleeding from the nose and gums, heartburn, indigestion, and the appearance of varicose veins or hemorrhoids are the other symptoms that she will have to bear with.
What you can do:

Her pregnancy will increasingly impede your spouse's capacity to live a normal life. You can help by taking over at least some of her domestic duties. This is also a good time to help her plan her pregnancy in detail.

Pregnancy Calendar: Third Trimester

What your spouse will experience:

The developing baby will make further demands on your spouse's body: her weight will continue to increase and may lead to back and hip pain. Swellings on the ankles and face may also be present. Besides, even mild exertion during this period may leave her gasping for breath.

What you can do:

In this final stage of pregnancy, your spouse may become increasingly housebound. Try to find ways to make her feel comfortable and keep her spirits high—an occasional gentle massage will be highly appreciated. This is also the time to finalize arrangements for the birth of your baby.
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