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What a Healthy Newborn Looks Like

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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 Newborn babies don't usually look like the cute babies in diaper ads. Newborns' heads are often more pointed than round. Their skin may be wrinkly and reddish in color. This is normal.

In the center of your baby's head is a “soft spot” where the skull bones have not yet joined. This allows your baby's head to be flexible during the birthing process. The skull bones will grow together to cover this spot as your baby grows. Meantime, the soft spot allows your baby's brain to grow.

Sometimes there are dark red patches on the baby's eyelids. They can also be on the bridge of the nose or back of the neck. No one knows what causes these. They usually go away during the first year.

Some babies are born bald, some have thin hair, and others are born with thick, dark hair. For many babies, this first hair rubs off. For others, the color may change.

Eye color can also change after birth. Eye color is usually set by the end of the first year.

The umbilical cord that is left on the navel at birth will drop off in five to 10 days. The place where it falls off will become your baby’s belly button.

Sometimes baby girls bleed from the vagina. Sometimes boys or girls will have swollen breasts. They may even produce a few drops of milk at birth. Hormones from the mother cause this. The discharge is harmless and will soon disappear.

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By hayley,   From weston
yep cute

By Latricia,   From Hevcuka good job. I sure appreciate it.
Hevcuka good job. I sure appreciate it.

By chasity,   From hopkinsville
my baby is 7 months old and i have the same problem with my babys soft spot, it beats like a heart would, is that normal, please email me asap, thank you

By Commonman,   From Auckland
Hey Rezan, I'm not a doc. Just some commonsense advice: It’s not anything to worry about. The soft spot beats likes that on all babies. However, get your pediatrician's confirmation on that.

By Rezan,   From London
Hi, could you please ansewr my question which is:
my baby is 2 months old and the centre of his head is beating (like a heart beat), is that normal? and when it will stop? thank you

By Rezan,   From London
Hi, could you please ansewr my question which is:
my baby is 2 months old and the centre of his head is beating (like a heart beat), is that normal? and when it will stop? thank you

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