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One Month Checkup

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Soon after you come home from the hospital, you should call to set up a checkup for your baby. This checkup may take place any time from two to four weeks after your baby is born. If your baby doesn’t seem to be doing well before your first appointment, don’t wait. Call the doctor or the clinic.

The checkup is a good time for you to ask questions. Before the visit, it is a good idea to write down questions and bring them with you.

You can ask the doctor what to have in the house in case of small accidents or mild illness. Ask what to do if something serious happens. Ask your doctor about what to do if your baby chokes or stops breathing. Knowing this can help you save your baby if he gets into difficulty.

Always keep your doctor’s phone number where you can find it. This number should be on a list of emergency phone numbers that you can find quickly. The American Association of Poison Control Centers’ (AAPCC) poison control
hotline,  1-800-222-1222, should also be on your list. If your baby has eaten a harmful substance, call and get help. Be prepared to tell about your baby’s symptoms and what has been eaten. To learn more, you can visit the AAPCC
Web site at

The one-month checkup helps the doctor see changes in your baby. The doctor can find problems your baby is having. Finding problems now can help prevent more serious problems as your baby grows.

In the first year, your baby will have a number of checkups. At most of them, he will receive shots. Be sure to ask the doctor what reaction your baby might have from the shots.

Your baby may need more testing or he may need to be treated if your doctor finds signs of a possible problem. Your doctor may refer you to another doctor. If so, get a copy of your baby’s medical records to take with you. Or ask your doctor to make sure the other doctor will get a copy of them. Be sure you understand why your doctor is recommending more tests or sending your child to another doctor. Write down the doctor’s description of the possible problem in words you understand and also have him write out the exact words in “doctor’s language” so you can communicate with the next
doctor you see.

Your doctor will talk to you about what to expect with your child. The doctor will tell you when your baby needs to come in again.

What happens at the checkup?

  • Your doctor will ask you questions. The questions will be about how
    things are with you and the baby.
  • The doctor will ask about your baby’s eating habits. He will also ask
    how often your baby has a wet or dirty diaper.
  • The doctor will ask about your baby’s sleeping habits.
  • The doctor will ask about your baby’s behavior and development.
  • Your doctor will give your baby a physical exam.
  • Your baby’s clothes will be taken off.
  • He will be weighed. Your baby’s length and head size will be measured.
  • Your baby’s vision and hearing will be tested.
  • Your baby’s blood will also be tested.

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