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Morning Sickness Remedies

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Dr. Craig Bissinger   Print
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Morning sickness is one of those rites of passage for pregnant women. It seems like everyone expects to experience those waves of nausea but in reality only a few women really have a tough time.

Morning sickness is thought to occur as the amount of pregnancy hormone, HCG-human chorionic gonadotropin, increases. This chemical seems to trigger a nausea sensation that can last for a few hours to the entire day. Although we donít know the exact way it works, we have come up with some strategies to help reduce its impact.

Mild nausea is pretty common. A lot of my patients tell me that it feels like an empty pit in their stomach and the only way to ease the feeling is to continuous nibble throughout the day. I usually suggest that they eat crackers, granola bars and as many healthy snacks as necessary. I donít encourage patients to gorge themselves because they will tack on a quick 5-10 pounds if they arenít careful.

Moderate nausea leads to episodes of vomiting and a reducing in food intake. This group needs to speak with their doctor and monitor their weight. I recommend that these women separate liquids from solids (dry cereal separated from milk), avoid citrus juices, and eat small frequent meals. If these suggestions donít work, I ask them to drink flat soda, ginger ale, take additional Vitamin B 6, try ginger pills, and try sea bands. Holding off on prenatal vitamins might also be a good idea as they tend to be big pills and can make even a normal pregnant woman a little nauseated.

Severe nausea becomes a medical problem that requires physician intervention. These women cannot hold down food or liquid. A constant dry mouth, feeling thirsty and a reduction in urination are signs of dehydration. The doctor can check the urine and find evidence of poor nutrition too. Intravenous fluids are the first step in trying to help these women. Oral, rectal, or intravenous nausea medications may be used to help reduce the overwhelming sense of nausea. Hospitalization and intravenous nutritional support are needed by some patients. Typically the nausea eases as the first trimester ends and she will begin to improve.

It is very hard to watch your partner suffer. Ask her if you can get her any special food. Perhaps she has a craving (like pickles and ice cream) or finds certain odors to be annoying. Be supportive, encourage her, and remind her that women with nausea have more successful pregnancies and fewer miscarriages.   

As always you should consult with you partnerís doctor if you have concerns.

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By Lisa,   From Tallahassee
1. "in reality only a few women really have a tough time. "

Really? Why don't you try having flu symptoms for 6-8 weeks, and see if you have "a tough time"

2. "pickles and ice cream"

Stereotypes about Pregnancy 101.

3. Talking to your partner in her first trimester and mentioning the word "miscarriage" when you are trying to reassure her is about the dumbest thing you can do.

Men, if you actually want to help your morning-sick partner, take over some of the smelly chores, like doing the dishes, cooking, and taking out the garbage. Don't treat her like a child, just treat her like an adult who has nausea symptoms that are completely out of her control. Make sure she has the foods that she can eat. Maybe go grocery shopping for her sometimes.

Don't follow the advice in this article! :D

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