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Does Santa Claus exist? Parents can't agree

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Alex Bellamy   Print
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Parenting advice about Santa ClausOne of the most exciting nights of a child's year is undoubtedly Christmas Eve - going to sleep and knowing that the next time they open their eyes they will have presents to unwrap, magically delivered by Santa Claus during the night.

That is, if they believe in Santa Claus. Some online bloggers have been raising questions about whether - in this day and age - it still represents good parenting skills to tell your kids about Father Christmas.

Writing in the Chicago Tribune, health writer Julie Dreadhill claims that St Nick has increasingly come to represent commercialization and consumption.

Additionally, she explains that some mothers and fathers are not morally comfortable "deceiving" their children with the tale.

However, others argue that the magic of the Santa Claus story can help parents share a classic childhood tradition with their kids.

In fact, columnist Craig Wilson writes in USA Today of a father who nearly died from a fall while trying to make sleigh marks in the snow on the family's roof.

He praises dads who "will do most anything to keep the magic alive," explaining that the man's daughter still swears she heard Santa moving around on top of the house as she fell asleep.
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By daniella,   From flushing
um.... believe in santa??? no such thing flying reindeer and elves? pfffft yaaaaaa ok really nice. it was made by coco cola as an advertisement. if ur little under like 10 or 11 yes hes real but if above ur idiots... come on we no bout saint nick but come on people. anyways christmas is not about santa. and if u ever emailed a letter and got a reply back, its parents who volenteer at the post office. and if u write more than one letter the same day youll see that they just copy and paste from one letter to another. just change the words and date and age. soooo those of u who still believe good 4 u. whatever u have in ur heart REALLY matters. and what i have in my heart right now is NO

By HannahWhall,   From Dorset
I worked this out myself when I was about 11 how could father christmas get round all those millions of houses in one night it's impossible. I was about 9 or 10 when I started to understand he may not be real but I wasen't sure

By Ciaran,   From Sunnyvale
Santa is fucking retarded i have lost faith in more than just santa becouse of my parents lie now god seems less real to me i am still catholic but it is inhumane to keep such a lie on people even if they are children the story behind Cristmas started with Saint Nick who donated much to charity 56 years later Satan sent a person named Willium Harkriss who was athiest to the world when he grew up he was upset that his kids were bored at christmas so he made guess who....Santa....and now everyone is listening to such a stupid idea

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