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Should PDA be kept on the DL in front of your children?

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Should PDA be kept on the DL in front of your children?  The interactions between you and your wife are often the model for your child's attitude when it comes to relationships. Many of us are often lost as to how much PDA is too much, which is why it's important to reflect on the topic every once and a while.

Most people agree that a tolerable amount of PDA in the comfort of your home is acceptable when your son or daughter is present. However, you don't want to take things overboard. No child wants to see his parents groping each other while engaging in a little tongue action. Instead, stick with small kisses and some firm hugs. Even though we're no longer living in the Leave it to Beaver world of the 50s, the last thing you want to do is traumatize your offspring.

The consensus among experts is that single dads should be especially careful when it comes to this issue.

"For parents who are dating, your kids should only know that your date is your 'friend' - both from how he or she is introduced, and from your behavior," Psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina, PhD, told

Displaying love and affection for someone you love is a great way to show your little one how healthy adults interact in a normal environment. It may be best to keep your sexual desires under wraps until that bedroom door closes at the end of a hard day's work - at that point, you deserve it!
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