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Three common child vaccine myths debunked

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Three common child vaccine myths debunkedAs a new father, your child's well-being is your responsibility. While looking at schools and saving for college might be the first things that come to mind, it's also important to make sure your baby receives the proper medical care so he or she can grow up healthy and strong. Vaccines are an important part of your little one's development, but misinformation floating around could have you rethinking your next doctor's visit. Here are some myths about vaccines debunked just in time for National Immunization Awareness Month.

1. Vaccines lead to child autism

One of the most harmful myths about vaccines suggests they're direct causes of child autism. While recorded instances of autism have been on the rise recently, there has been no scientific evidence that immunizations are responsible for this trend. Without proper vaccinations, children and adults are at much greater risk of contracting serious illnesses.

2. There's no need to worry about major diseases anymore

In America, it's easy to think that frequent vaccinations have eliminated many major diseases like polio, but this is far from the truth. While there are significantly fewer instances in the U.S., there remain several documented cases of illnesses like measles every year - not including outbreaks abroad. Without the prevalence of immunization, these few cases could easily spread around the country.

3. Vaccines actually weaken the immune system

Since influenza and other immunization shots contain trace amounts of the virus or bacteria, you may be worried that your child could inadvertently contract the disease. However, vaccines hold weakened or killed antigens that allow the body to learn how to fight off and resist the illness. In fact, a child's body could receive multiple shots in one day without feeling any significant effects.
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By Eric,   From Toronto
It should be noted that the safety of vaccines is grossly overstated.

Most adverse effects are not reported. When my son had a sudden and severe reaction to his last vaccine, neither the doctors or nurses wanted to take responsibility and said he "must have been sick before getting the shot"... my son was slurring words for days after the shot, hallucinating, began running in circles, had a high fever and wet himself in the middle of the day (he's seven). There's no doubt in my mind that tje vaccine was 100% responsible for those side-effects, but this incident will never be reported by our doctor.

I think many kids are harmed by vaccines, but the industry (with doctor cooperation) does everything it can to hide the truth.

By Joe,   From Fargo
It's too bad "Dad" doesn't know how to do a simple Pubmed search for "Vaccines and autism". If he did he would find hundreds of papers that support a vaccine, autism link. There are over 150 (75% in support) on the mercury based vaccine preservative thimerosal alone.

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