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Gifts for Kids (4 - 6 years)

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Thinkfun 4 Children Card Games:
Product Features:  
  • Old Maid, Hearts, Rummy, Crazy Eights
  • Classic children's games
  • Ideal for family game night or vacation
  • Replica of 1950's/1960's original artwork
  • Packaged in a sturdy gift box
Whistle Balloon Helicopter

Product Description:
The product contains an inflatable balloon and a helicopter blades. Inflate the balloon and attach it to the helicopter. Watch it fly.



Trouble Board Game

Product Description:

It's the classic race-and-chase game with the PopoMatic die-rolling bubble! Pop the bubble and hop your pegs around the track. Land on an opponent's peg to bump it back home! But don't you get bumped back, or you're in Trouble! Keep poppin' and hoppin' to get all 4 of your pegs to the finish line first, and you win! Trouble includes plastic game unit with PopoMatic die roller, gameboard, 16 plastic playing pegs, and 4 rubber feet.


Blokus Trigon

Product Description:

For those who can't get enough of Blokus! It's a 'chip off the ole Blokus,' but with a super-challenging twist! A new dimension of triangular-created Trigon pieces must be fit, tip to tip with your own pieces, on the hexagonal game board. Angles jut in every direction, so new strategies are always evolving. It's the Bermuda Triangles (486 in all) of strategy games. Think carefully! You can block-and be blocked-at any moment! Quick to learn, challenging to master. Includes recessed game board, 88 Trigon pieces in four bright translucent colors, and guide. For 2-4 players. Grades K and up.


Razor A Kick Scooter

Product Description:

Fast fun, the rigional folding scooter 98mm wheels with ABEC 5 bearings for a smooth, fast ride. Easy fold and carry handlebar system.  Comes fully assembled. Available in clear, blue, red and green.


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