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Palming a Quarter

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Finger Palm Effect
A common sleight used to show your palms empty.


The finger palm is a very useful sleight used to hold out a coin. It can be used in countless applications, and is a simple but very useful sleight to know.


This will guide you on how to get into the finger palm, and a couple of useful tips:

Step 1. Hold the coin with your index finger and the base of your thumb. Your thumb should cover 3/4 or more of the bottom of the coin. Your finger can be placed on top as you wish.
Step  2. The next bit should be done in one smooth motion. Lift up your finger and outstretch your other fingers, at this moment in time the coin will be balancing on your thumb.
Step 3.

Now, lift up your thumb to the bottom of your fingers, pushing the coin into the lower segment of your fingers. Which finger this is done in is entirely up to you, but the middle fingers work best in terms of angles.

Step 4. Now simply lower your thumb and obtain a slight curl on the fingers to make your hand look natural. Your hand should usually be palm down.


Points 2-4 should be done in one smooth motion.


To make it look as natural as possible, finger palm a coin all day for a few days, try and do your daily activities with a finger palmed coin, this will help to make your hand seem natural and empty.


If you have thin fingers, make sure you keep your fingers close together to avoid the coin being viewed, this is important, even if it's just a fraction of the coin that's visible, one glint will ruin your trick.

Whilst curling your fingers you can actually show your palm to be empty, but be careful while doing this, don't just say 'my hands are empty' because then the spectators will ask you to spread your fingers too. Just casually show your palm from time to time, remember, a lot of misdirection is subconscious.

The best way to make your hand look natural is to do things with it. Flip a coin with it and catch it with your other hand, pull up your sleeves, hold a 'magic wand', all these things will give the impression your hand is empty.

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