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Cheap Classic Magic Tricks for Kids

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Okay, so these tricks wonít mystify you, or wonít for very long, but if you ever played with them when you were a kid, youíll recognize their power immediately. Easy to do and perform, they make very good introductions to the world of magic.

Visit the coolest Hobby storeWeíve found a good supplier of these. The prices on these specific items are among the lowest Iíve seen anywhere. You can also get 5% off by using the promotion code MAGIC (please email us at if for some reason this code does not work).

All of these simple tricks (except one) are priced from $1.25 to $2.25. They make great stocking stuffers, party favors, or road-trip distractions.

1. Magic Ball and Vase:   

This classic trick would of course be more impressive if the vase was porcelain and the ball was slightly more solid, but itís a fun little trick as well. More experienced magicians will start to use some sleight of hand with the little ball.

Magic Ball & Vase
2. Magic Penny to Dime:

This trick is also very simple and the solution will be completely amazing to anyone under ten years old.
Magical Penny To Dime

3. The PENA coin:

PENA here, I guess, stands for penetration because this trick allows you to pass an ordinary coin through a piece of rubber and into a glass.   The trick can be done close up and the spectator can even tap on the coin to make it go through.   This trick is also featured in the Klutz Guide to Magic and they call it one of the best magic tricks they have ever seen.

Pena - Coin

4. The Coin Slide:         

Sure,itís goofy now, but we all had one when we were six or seven and proudly showed off our ability to ďdo magic.Ē  The price on this item canít be beat.
Coin Slide

5. Folding half-dollar:

Youíve probably heard of these and wondered how they work. This is a very fun trick that kids love to do.  Itís good either by itself, or you can make the half dollar go into a bottle with very little practice.

Folding Half Dollar
Have fun.

- Paul Banas
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By Paul,   From San Francisco
I finally got "Scotch and Soda," an old classic. It's about $20, but is really fun with kids. They are mystified and then can do the trick pretty well by themselves.

By Paul,   From San Francisco
I bought the coin slide, and unfortunately, the quality isn't top notch.It kept sliding by itself revealing the "trick." Low price, low quality. EDITOR

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