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Five Magic Tricks Every Dad Should Know

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Any dad worth his salt should know at least one good magic trick to show his kids. Teaching kids to do magic tricks on their own is great fun and they can spend hours on these tricks, especially if they can really mystify adults and their friends. The challenge is finding magic tricks for kids that will motivate them to practice so they actually reach this level. For ideas on how to get started, you can check out our article: Great Dad Magic!

Here are those five magic tricks for kids that every 'magic' dad should have up his sleeve:

  1. The Levitating Ring Trick - this is a great magic trick for kids from our friends Steve Caplin and Simon Rose, authors of "Be the Coolest Dad on the Block." It's a wonderful trick because it is very simple, very portable, requires only your wedding ring and a rubber band, and is mystifying even to adults. You will learn it in 5 seconds and if you're a great dad, you'll keep a small rubber band in your wallet so that you can always be an assistant ready with the props for your magician child.
  2. Palming a Quarter - you've seen it done, now you can do it yourself.
  3. The Coin Vanish
  4. Paper clips and dollar bill
  5. The Coin Vanish-2

A Free Magic Trick Resource

Now along comes a new site that aims to be the biggest catalog of magic tricks for kids with step-by-step explanations, and all for free. It's worth a look, though frankly, it loses a little "magic" in the telling. You have to bring a very heavy dose of imagination to conjure up what these tricks would look like if well-performed. It's certainly worth a look and magic is great activity for a rainy day, and one that doesn't have to cost anything, just some basic supplies from around the house.

Click Mighty Magic Tricks for more magic tricks for kids.

And if you want to learn more, here's a book we recommend:

The Klutz Book of Magic – As usual, the Klutz people put together a compelling low-cost package of magic tricks for kids (and adults) 8+. This book is especially good because it comes with five physical props in a little kit on the front. Kids, especially the younger ones, love tricks that work right “out of the box.” These tricks are not simple, but the props make them more compelling and won’t frustrate a child on a plane or vacation where “common household items” might not be accessible. The book explains the basics from “palming a quarter” all the way through making a handkerchief disappear.

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By hasnat,   From sialkot
i am a DOOOOOON # 111111111

By hasnat,   From sialkot
my coment is to make mgic and sock my friend

By saravanan,   From coimb

By PaulB,   From
Love the Klutz book. What a bargain!

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