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Great dad magic!

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Magic is a very special thing. It combines three key elements for strong relationships: mystery, faith, and secrets. Kids will always amaze you by their gullibility and convincing them of anything is easier than shooting fish in a barrel. When they ask incredulously, "how did you do that?" and you reply, "it's magic," you may be amazed by their faith in both magic and in you. But wait until you tell them that it's a secret you're going to share only with them...

Here are two recommendations if you'd like to get started with magic with a 5-6 year old.

  1. Discovery First Magician's Set - This is too good to be true! At only $19.95, you get 70 tricks and hat, cape, and wand, all of which are "magic." I was slightly suspicious when I found this in the store, but this is a great beginner set with some of the classic tricks including "cups and balls" and "rabbit out of the hat." The tricks themselves will take work, which is sometimes an act of will and determination with kids this small, but they are doable and adults will even be surprised at how some of them are really done. For only slightly more, at $29.95, for kids 8+, try the Discovery Amazing Magic Show. I have not yet looked at his, but if the other kit is any indication, it's probably a good bet.
  2. Marvin's Magic Trick series - These are very affordable magic kits that combine some goofy brain teasers ("arrange the matchsticks"-kind of challenges) with easy-to-follow tricks that involve trick boxes and "fixed" cards, rather than slight-of-hand. The nice thing is that the tricks are "mystifying" right out of the box (think the disappearing coin slide of your childhood) and are solidly made. At $7.95, they are a good trick to throw in the pocket for a plane ride or a long "adult restaurant" meal.

UPDATE: Marvin's Magic, an English company, appears to have lost distribution in the U.S. I found several at the ToysRUs outlet, but only one SKU remains at Amazon (ToysRUs' on-line outlet).

- Paul Banas
Founder / Editor

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Great dad magic!

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