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What to expect in a custody battle

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It is always better, in case of couples who are going in for a divorce, to decide upon a custodial arrangement that is agreeable to both parties. However, in some cases, this may just not work out. In these cases, a lawsuit for custodial rights is usually the eventuality.

This is what you should expect in a typical custody trial:

  • You will be required to show how involved you are with the day-to-day upbringing of your child. Custodial rights are usually granted to the parent who, the judge decides, it will be in the optimum interest of the child to stay with. As a dad, you will be required to show that your involvement in your child’s life extends to more than simply paying the bills.

  • As a dad, your role in the everyday activities of your children may be limited as compared to your ex-spouse’s, in which case there is every chance that the judge may rule in favor of granting her the custody.

  • Once you have approached the court to decide the custody of your child, you will have to accept the judgment of the court in this regard.

  • There is no way to predict how a judge may deliver a ruling, and there is a possibility that you may end up with an order that significantly curtails your rights to be with your children.

These are things you can do to strengthen your case in a custody battle:

  • Convince the judge that you are a sincere parent. It will help to show evidence of your day-to-day involvement in your children's life on a continuing basis.

  • Furnish evidence that proves you have been taking the children for their medical appointments. Arrange for witnesses to testify to this on your behalf.

  • Show evidence of your involvement in your child’s school activities such as being present for teacher-parent interactions and attending the school’s functions such as concerts and sporting day events.

  • Keep photographs and other forms of evidence that proves that you were with your children during vacations, picnics, and other important family events.

Sometimes in the heat of a divorce, the children's best interests are forgotten due to the adversarial nature of the legal process.  Fight the urge to savage your spouse and remember that she will still be your children's mother and you do not want to do anything to hurt them. Other articles below provide ideas for how to protect your children during this difficult time. 

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