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Mother's day gifts

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Finding the right gift for motherís day doesnít have to take a long time or even break the bank. Here are some motherís day gifts ideas, old, new, innovative and homemade mother's day gift ideas for you. Letís celebrate a great motherís day this year. All you have to do is NOT wait until the last minute:

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  1. A clutch of printed baby photos: If youíre like most people, you now have literally thousands of digital photos hogging disk space on your computer. What you likely donít have are many prints of these photos. A very thoughtful and very inexpensive gift is to take 25-50 favorite photos of your bambino and get them printed out. 

At the cost of maybe ten bucks, you have a very thoughtful present. For a little bit more ($168), hereís a fun photo charm bracelet from Teaccups and Tadpoles that will likely have her crying if you find the best photos of you and the kids to put in it.

(Thereís a special offer for GreatDad users: 15% off on orders of $50 or more. Enter code GREATDAD15 in the comments box at checkout and your credit card will be refunded 15% after the sale.)

  1. Photo mug: Yes, it is corny, but moms canít resist the picture of a little baby grinning from the side of a coffee mug. You can only hope you get so lucky that someone gets one for you. And, not at all expensive Ė it just takes time. With this one, just make sure to order your personalized coffee mug early, and get one for both grandmas (and maybe grandpas!) at the same time.  Good options are Photoworks and Shutterfly.
  2. Spa certificate: All this takes is the forethought to stop by a local spa or gym and buy a gift certificate. Of course, the catch is that you will watch the little rascals for a few hours.
    Apple iTunes

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  3. iPod: Maybe by now, everyone in America already has one, but if your wife doesnít, this is always a hit.  She can load it up with kidsí songs to play in the car, lectures if sheís the studious type, or top 40 for the gym.
  4. Her own digital camera Ė hottest little point and shoot.

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    Here is a list of some great digital cameras for you to select from.

  5. A special craft project. Okay, itís another time-intensive gift, but this one comes with plenty of time off for mom while you take the kids down to the basement to work on the special project. Here is a  site with plenty of projects and stuff you can easily make with the kids for mom. We especially liked the House Keys wood, glue and paint idea

    1-800-FLOWERS.COM Fresh Flowers from $19.99 w/ FREE vase!

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  6. Flowers Ė sure, itís an old standby, but they are always appreciated. Guys never understand why and maybe thatís why moms appreciate it when we think of them; because they know itís a big stretch for us. Whether you buy them at the grocery store on Sunday morning or order ahead from one of these online stores, they never disappoint.
  7. If you have a lot of digital pictures and are always frustrated that there are never any printouts, make a picture book. If you have a Mac, itís very simple right out of iPhoto. Photoworks and Shutterfly also help you make them as well.

Good luck and have fun!

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By Bree,   From Jacksonville
Really moms live with you for kids this is to hard to hide mom will find out there goes your supprise. But thanks for the help anyway. :)

By Donyell,   From Check that off the list of tnihgs I was confused a
Check that off the list of tnihgs I was confused about.

By Jon,   From Florida
If your wife is a huge TWILIGHT fan, I would recommend this for her:
Etsy seller maryfaithpeace item 23449423
It's affordable and similar to the original (prohibitive at $99). If asked the artist will sign it as well. I'm getting one for my wife and the free S/H helps.

By Andrea,   From Los Angeles
I found a great Mother's Day gift - one of those ceiva digital picture frames. I can take photos of the kids and send them straight to my parents frame in Michigan. Mother's Day sale is 20% off at ceiva online. Your wife or mom will love it!

By Victor,   From Washington
Make a "This Is Your Life" video for your mom on Mothers Day. A great way to tell her how much she means to you. Also a great way to archive precious family pictures. You can see a free, easy "how to" site I built at returnthelove dot com after I did one for my mom. She loved it and has shown it dozens of times to all of her friends and relatives.

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