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Finding The Right Mother's Day Flowers

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Flowers are an easy mom-pleasing gift for Motherís Day. You can usually find them at a local grocery store or have them express delivered via the internet. You donít have to go way overboard on pricing unless you want to. On the other hand, since most guys donít buy flowers very often, you need to know a few things before you make the wrong decision on Motherís Day flowers. First, how do you choose the right flower. If your mom or partner has a favorite flower, now is the time to remember it. If youíre starting from scratch, here are a few of the common meanings for popular flowers:

  • Roses come in different colors and connotations, but red roses always mean true love and romance. Thatís not to say you canít give them to your mom, but you should know the meaning. Pink means grace, coral or orange for passion, red and white together, unity.

  • Sunflowers mean loyalty and longevity, not a bad sentiment for moms

  • Red tulips are for declarations of love, yellow for hopeless love

  • Lilies are for purity, but red lilies for aspirations

  • Lotus is for eloquence

  • White lilac stands for innocence

  • Iris means faith, hope and wisdom

Once you pick your flower, you should look for the freshest bouquet, so it will last the longest once you get it home. Here are a few tips on how to choose flowers for freshness:
  1. Look for strong petals, full of water

  2. Look for some color on the petals, but not full color. Donít buy flowers that are fully open. While they might look good in the store, they wonít last as long at home.

  3. Look for healthy leaves, which also shows freshness.

If all these choices make you uneasy, spend a little more at a local florist, where the experts there can help guide you through the meanings of the freshest flowers.

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