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Motherís Day Flower Tips for Dads

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Dads and kids traditionally give mom flowers for Motherís Day. Not only are they easy to buy, almost everyone loves flowers. They can be cheap or expensive, but always say that you didnít forget her on this special day. There are literally hundreds of on-line shops to help you get flowers to your mom on-time. Comparison shopping is always a good idea since prices can differ widely including the price of a vase. Weíve had good luck with and 1-800-Flowers. Here are some tips for buying Motherís Day flowers:

  1. Skip the vase Ė most women have plenty of vases at home and usually prefer to arrange their own flowers in their own vase. You know your mom or partner though, so add a vase if you know she would prefer to have something already set up. Vases make a nice presentation, and are preferable if youíre sending your flowers to an office or hospital.

  2. Order to arrive the day before Motherís Day Ė you can usually save 10% or more by delivering just one day earlier, or even the Friday before if you are having your flowers shipped. Itís fun to get flowers exactly on ďthe dayĒ if accompanied by a visit, but flowers are always appreciated, no matter when they arrive.

  3. Donít forget the kids Ė kids love to give mom something special and itís easy for you to pick up an extra rose or tulip for the kids to give mom in a bud vase, perhaps served with breakfast in bed.

  4. If your mom or spouse is the economical type, buy a plant or go to a gardening shop and buy a plantable flower bush or tree. Of course, that means a little more labor for you on this Sunday, but might be a hit.
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By Allie,   From The acdceint of finding this post has brightened m
The acdceint of finding this post has brightened my day

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