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Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Finding the right gift for Mother's Day doesnít have to take a long time or even break the bank. These unique motherís day gift ideas will bring that special smile on her lips and make her day. All you have to do is NOT to wait until the last minute:
  1. A completely different gift idea is the ďmessage in a bottle.Ē For the sentimental and romantic mom, this is a fun idea. will write your sentiments on parchment and place them in a bottle that is shipped directly to your mom. The Oprah Show calls this the ďmost romantic gift to give.Ē Many moms love this idea that harkens back to time when people threw bottles with mysterious messages inside, into the sea, hoping for a response. Starting at around $35 plus shipping, will also help you write out your feelings or you can choose from their selection of poetry and prose for different occasions and recipients.

  2. You know your mom better than we do, and some moms like wacky gifts that make them smile. If your mom is like this, take a gander at Baron Bobís website filled with novelty gifts, all sorted for common holidays. While not all of his stuff appeals, there certainly are a lot of twists on common presents to keep things interesting.

  3. In that same vein, we like the unique, more stylish choices at Take a look at their Fruit and Vegetable Parchment Cuffs, a new take on the hot vases made of that material a few years ago.

  4. Instead of a material gift, give her an ďexperience.Ē Itís amazing the kind of wild adventures there are available for sale these days. Hire a jet fighter, fly in a dirigible, take flying lessons. Thereís even a place in San Francisco that gives indoor parachuting lessons, where you can give her the sensation of jumping and flying without risking his life in the process. Other ideas are rock climbing, glider rides, and race car driving. Click here to brainstorm other experience gifts.

  5. If youíve tired of photo gifts but the mom in your life still likes to fill the house with happy family pictures, consider Not just an ordinary photo site, PhotoFiddle prints out your photo on canvas in a variety of styles from oil painting to watercolor. Even if you donít buy, itís fun to upload some favorite photos and see them rendered as if a real artist had painted them. Unfortunately, the styles donít get too strange, so donít expect Picasso or Matisse. You might have to settle for the Warhol treatment.

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