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Baby Names - Do's and Don'ts

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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  • Don't call the fetus Jellybean or Ladybug. Such names stick even after the child is born.
  • Don't name your baby after someone you hate or dislike.
  • Don't name your baby with terms that have slang meanings related to parts of the human anatomy.
  • Check your baby name initials together with your surname. Initials of names like Christopher David Player (C.D. Player) or Annie Sue Stiles could be embarassing.
  • Don't make your baby name sound like a tongue twister.
  • Consider the confusion involved in naming your child after yourself or someone in the family.
  • Make sure to fully research your chosen name, especially if it seems unique and foreign. It would be embarassing to discover later that your child has the name of an infamous character from history or a foreign country.
  • Avoid involving your friends in your name search. Their input will only complicate a process that is already difficult with two people. And, in the worst case, someone might 'steal' your perfect name for their baby before you have claimed it.
  • Don't wait until the delivery to decide on the name if you want to have any say in the matter. If you do, make sure you're ready to give in to whatever your wife decides. When the baby is handed to you, the doctor or nurse will ask what you have decided for a name. At this point, it is very difficult to argue with a woman who has been in labor for eight hours. Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Use online naming engines to help you throw a wide net for your name search.
  • Select the top 5-10 names you like. After your baby is born, you might find the fifth name more suitable to his or her appearance.
  • Let the baby's appearance dictate the final choice. Of-course, you wouldn't keep terms like Toothless Wonder or mashed potato in your list.
  • Meaningful names or names of historical personalities you admire can help children gain direction in their lives.
Do you have any Do's or Don'ts you would like to add to the above list? Write to us using the Comments form below.
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By Ken,   From Pittsburgh
We are going with Keifer. I found it is Galic for Cherished. Though Kiefer is barrel maker in german,

By Jason,   From okc
About to have a son....planning on naming him Tripp. Ive heard it a few times and my wife and I love the name. Any Tripps out there? Or thoughts from other dads?

By Dominique,   From Cape Town
I think Syre is a beautiful name. It is my one son's middle name. And also the middle name of Will Smith's one son. A Syre is a King and is representative of great leadership and strength.

By Mike,   From Denver
Don't use "cute" spellings. Your kid will have this name his whole life. You don't want them to have to spell their name or correct the pronunciation of every one they meet.

By christopher,   From mission
Just A question since I am new to this Site. What do you think of the name SYRE? (pronounced "sire", of course)

I betcha you havent heard this one, and a google returns really nothing .....

By Jim,   From Fresno
Do a google search, especially on what seems like a unique name. A friend did this and found his candidate name was also used by a porn star.

By Paul,   From
Consider giving more than one middle name to your child. Many or all states allow these "extra" names to go on the birth certificate. They can give a child a sense of their own history by choosing multiple names from both sides of the family. Happy result: less squabbling between mom and and fewer hurt feelings among those not chosen.

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