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Unexpected naming issues

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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You may have expended thought and consideration in selecting an appropriate name for your child. However, some things you could overlook may result in your child’s name ending up with an unintentional blooper attached to it.


Consider the following points while selecting your child’s name:

  • Avoid names that lead to cruel nicknames: Accepted, kids will always be kids, and almost any name can be twisted to conjure up an appropriately cruel nickname. However, try to avoid names that obviously lend themselves to a negative nickname.

  • Consider your child’s initials: While choosing a name, always keep in mind the initials that the name will form along with the middle name and the surname. Write these initials down and check that they do not connote something negative or undesirable. For instance, if your child’s full name is Peter Oliver Taylor, the initials will spell out as ‘POT,’ which may not exactly be flattering.

  • Consider how the name will be shortened: Almost all names having two or more syllables invariably get shortened to an informal abbreviation. Consider what the most obvious shortened version of your child’s name will be. For instance, its fine when Timothy becomes Tim and Daniel is shortened to Dan, but remember, Madison will be Mad, and Fatima, Fat!
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