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How to Have Sex During Pregnancy

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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As long as both you and your spouse are willing, it is generally okay to continue having sex right into late pregnancy. However, the missionary position may be uncomfortable for your spouse at this time because of the pressure on her stomach. You can resolve the problem by trying out some creative positions.

  • Spoon: Your spouse may find this position particularly relaxing during advanced pregnancy. She lies on her side, slightly curled up, while you lie around her facing her back. You can enter her from behind, between her thighs. This way, there is no pressure on her belly and the penetration is shallow.

  • Woman on top: Your spouse may prefer this position because it allows her to control the degree of penetration. This position is ideal throughout pregnancy.

  • Side by side: Here, you and your spouse lie facing each other while you put a leg over her and enter from the front. Alternatively, your partner may have to pull up her leg to make space for you. This position may be tiring her, especially during advanced pregnancy.

  • Hands and knees: In this position, your spouse gets down on her knees and bends forward to support herself on her palms, with the hands held straight down. There is no pressure on her belly, though in advanced stages, it may rest on the bed. However, the belly’s weight may make this a difficult position for your spouse to maintain.

  • Edge of bed: Your spouse lies facing upward on the bed, with legs spread out and the soles of her feet on the floor. You can stand on the floor and bend over to enter her. You may need to control your thrusts to suit your spouse’s comfort levels.

Disclaimer: The above information is commonsense reflection drawn from general experience. If you are looking for expert medical advice, please consult your doctor.

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By nene,   From jhb
is it ok to reject her while she wants to play?is there any effects on this one

By aina,   From m.p
sex position

By kamal,   From gujrat
My wife is 7 month runing plz send me sex posiotan photo & is there any problem if i descharge inside

By Ellie,   From Ford City
Um... The men asking for pictures... Are you THAT confused? Cus if not, It's gross that you ask that. Why would people give you pictures of them having sex? This is supposed to be a HELPFUL site, not a Porno Hub. Grow up. If you are really a soon to be dad, TRY IT... Stop soliciting people for pictures. It is disrespectful. { Sorry to anyone who may be offended.. I just do not see the okay part of asking for pornographic pictures of pregnant couples while engaged in coitus.}

By AJ,   From Karachi
y wife is 3 months pregnant. Is there any problem if i discharge inside?

By MommaRdz,   From mcallen
As a wife and mom, with a baby on the way I can say this is good info you guys are dishing out here. Nice too see a site that doesn't have ridiculous things too say and actually makes sense. Good game guys!

By Pregnant dad,   From
The spooning position seems to be the one that works the best for wife in her "huge" condition. I can only imagine what it must be like to be that big.

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