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If You’ve Ever Thought About Getting A Sex Chair…

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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More than a few of us have seen these ads in back of Esquire, Men’s Health, or Rolling Stone for a sex chair. The ads feature romp-some couples looking lasciviously over odd-shaped furniture destined, seemingly, for only one purpose. The mind reels. One doesn’t recall the availability or promiscuity of that type of furniture before marriage and kids.

Perhaps, as Lori Jakiela writes in this “Modern Love” column, the purchase of such a chair can bring excitement into the sex life of middle-age parents. LIke many such addled schemes, the idea comes after a few cocktails:

THE night we ordered the sex chair, we’d been drinking. Not a lot, but enough to make a sex chair seem like an investment, like    junk bonds or an I.R.A.

[From The Plain, Unmarked Box Arrived - New York Times]

This is an astonishing, and funny read, if only for the insights into other peoples’ parental lives as they struggle to do what all of us do: shoehorn in moments of intimacy (sexual or otherwise) between bathing, feeding, and getting them to stay put in their little beds.

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