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Golf Clubs for Kids

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Paul Banas - Founder / Editor   Print
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If you play golf, one of the great joys in life will be playing golf with your son or daughter. It’s a game both can play at completely different levels and a sport everyone can enjoy throughout their lives.

If you are active in a golf club, ask your pro for advice on getting your child on the golf course and special lessons. If not, here are some ideas for dads interested in developing golf skills early.

  1. Miniature golf is for babies! But you should wait until age six before teaching “real golf.” Just like music lessons, kids have to have a basic learning ability to understand the concepts of the game, as well as basic rules
  2. Buy used golf clubs. There’s no reason to buy expensive clubs for little kids. If you already know a pro, you should also ask him if he has any extra clubs for kids. Especially if you’re going to take lessons, many pros will cut down an old putter and 7-iron for a child.
  3. Try Qolf. A fun lawn golf game for the family is Qolf. Instead of holes, young kids hit through arches like in croquet. More advanced golfers can try to chip through targets.
  4. Provide Lessons. Pros say to teach distance first, and accuracy later. Consider lessons early so you have an idea on how to instruct your son or daughter.
  5. Find a kid-friendly course near you. Most courses have special timings when playing with even a young child does not bother other players. Make sure to always observe proper etiquette and let faster players play through. Many par-3 “executive” courses are the perfect length for young players.
  6. Search for a family-friendly golf course near you. These courses add shorter range tees so total yardage is 2200 and 3750 yards, rather than the usual 5000 plus yards found at most courses. Here’s a list which is in development; so a course near you might not be available. 
  7. Encourage your little duffer to tee it up in the fairway. It’s a great ego boost and will help keep play moving.
  8. Walk if you can. It’s cheaper and it’s fantastic exercise for both of you. Kids will always want to drive the cart, but it’s a better habit to walk.
  9. Go Camping. If your child is older, consider a golf camp, like the Leadbetter Schools. They cater to kids and adults. Camp is an intensive experience, but can be a great bonding opportunity for you and your child, as well as a solid base to build a great golf game.
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Golf Clubs for Kids

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