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Best Bets in the Bookstore and Beyond for Single Dads

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Whether this is all new or you have years of experience as a Single Dad, the pressures of solo parenting are constant. Though resources for Single Dads were historically scant, today (thankfully) there is a growing arsenal books, websites and organizations devoted to help you navigate through all the challenges of single parenting. Below you will find a comprehensive guide of resource that can help you navigate through life more effectively while caring for children on your own.
Best of Books
 The New Father. The Single Father:  A Dad’s Guide to Parenting without a Partner (Abbeville Press, 1999); Designed to help Dads foster the father-child relationship, despite constraints or changes in their circumstances. Author Armin A. Brott gives Dads the knowledge, skills and support they need to maintain actively involved role models.


Where’s Daddy? (Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 1996);
An invaluable guide for mothers and fathers with broken families based on a questionnaire that was sent out to hundreds of separated and divorced parents. Where’s Daddy helps answer children's questions concerning separation and divorce, and provides forewarning of the doubts and problems which may arise later.
Surviving the Single Dad Syndrome (PublishAmerica, 2004); Valuable information on how to be a great single dad, complete with ideas and strategies for building a home and a life for your kids whenever you’re with them.
Quality Time for Dad: A Parenting Guide for the Single Father (Authorhouse, 2004); Simple, straight and to the point, Quality Time for Dad answers the questions single Dads need answers to.
Fathers' Rights: Hard-Hitting and Fair Advice for Every Father Involved in a Custody Dispute (Basic Books, 1998); Written by an attorney with extensive experience in Father's rights cases, this book  walks custody battling Dads through the different phases, scenarios, and pitfalls of impending litigation.

Always Dad: Being A Great Father During and After Divorce (Nolo Press, 2006): Paul Mandelstein, founder of Father’s Resource Network, shows Dads how to preserve family and self-esteem during and after divorce. The author provides clear guidelines on what to expect in a divorce plus a realistic plan for how to mitigate the pain and move forward with a positive frame of mind.

The Long-Distance Dad: How You Can Be There for Your Child-Whether Divorced, Deployed, or On The Road (Robert D. Reed Publishers, 2006); Steven Ashley, founder of the Divorced Fathers Network, teaches remote Dads how to stay connected to their children despite distance. This one of a kind book is complete with tools and techniques for long distance parents.

Cook Like a Mother, Clean Like a Pro: The Single Dad's Guide to Cooking and Cleaning (PM Wright Communications, 2002); This combination cookbook and happy homemaker manual, written by Peter Wright, is ideal for single fathers who need to quickly learn how to provide proper nutrition and a clean environment for their kids. 

Best of the Web

SingleFather.Org: This online community lets single Dads connect, share and learn from each other virtually. While some of the sections remain to be completed, the site also includes a comprehensive resource and articles list. A location-driven database which allows fathers to search for legal representation, child support or legal information in their particular state. A comprehensive portal for all Dads, but particularly single ones who need extra help caring for children. The site is neatly divided into cooking, making and doing sections, and provides tips and techniques for just about everything from homework to birthday party planning. 

The Single Fathers' Lighthouse (; An inspiration website filled with an international resource directory, must read book list an plenty of humor and inspirational tips for single fathers.   

For more single living tips, advice and support visit
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