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GreatDad's List of 5 Worst Celebrity Dads

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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You have already seen GreatDad's list of the best celebrity dads. Here's one with the worst celebrity dads. However much you may admire any of these celebrities, you wouldn't want to take parenting advice from them.

Bad Dad #5: Alec Baldwin

The Emmy and Academy Award nominated actor came up for much criticism when he sent a threatening voice message to Ireland, his 11-year-old daughter, later picked up and made public by the media. Calling her a "thoughtless little pig," Baldwin even went on to verbally lash out against Ireland's mother, his former wife Kim Basinger.

Bad Dad #4: David Hasselhoff

The Baywatch star has legal custody of his two daughters, Taylor-Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14, from ex-wife Pamela Bach. However, he also has a drinking problem that drove his desperate daughter to film his drunken state on video. The much-aired video shows him sprawling on the floor, dressed only in a pair of jeans, and munching a burger.

Bad Dad #3: Pete Doherty

The wild rocker is as much known for his drug habit as he is for his music. Apart from Estile, his son from Lisa Moorish—lead singer of the band Kill City—Doherty recently revealed that he had another child whom he was not in contact with. "Poor little fu@&*er", he is known to have said. "My sister sees him all the time, so there’s affection as a family for him.”

Bad Dad #2: Darren Day

The English actor and television presenter has always been in the news for his insatiable appetite for women and drugs. Shortly after his son, Corey Mackenzie Day was born from singer Suzanne Shaw, Day left Suzzane saying, "I don't do family".

Bad Dad #1: Richard Heene

And finally, Richard Heene is our fifth worst celebrity dad.  Worst, because he taught his kids to lie to support his ridiculous publicity stunt.  Celebrity because he at least was successful in becoming famous using a runaway helium balloon feared to contain his youngest son.  As of Thanksgiving 2009, no determination whether he will be doing ongoing "fathering" Heene style, from behind bars.

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