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Kids' Letters to Santa Claus

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What do kids ask Santa Claus for Christmas? Here are some of their letters...

I am trying to talk nice, and not say words I shouldn't say. I am very good to my sister, Hannah
- Sara, 4, Eielson, Alaska.

can you please help the homeless children have a good Christmas with at least something really good to eat and maybe a small toy for them to love.
- Andrew, 7, South Hadley, Massachusetts

What type of fuel do you use for your sleigh or are your reindeers just hyper? Either way, I hope you won't miss our house.
- Matt, 11, Greenfield, Ohio

- Nichole, 8, Tucson, Arizona

Santa, you know how it is nowadays, my parents are divorced, so please put me on your special delivery list to come 2 nights, Christmas Eve at Mom's and Christmas night at Dad's. Thank you!
- Ashley, 7, Granite Springs, New York

It is really cold here. Make sure Rudolph wears his sweater :) and Reindeer mittens.
- Donna, 9, Pennsboro, West Virginia

Dear Santa, I would love all the presents I asked for but my mom deserves them more. I have been getting presents all year from my mom and she works hard to get them for me. My mom doesn't know how much I love her that's why I want her to have all my presents. Love, Victoria
- Victoria, 12, Syracuse, New York

I have tried to be good Santa, but boys will be boys. You must know that cuz you are a boy.
- Henry, 8, Manchester, United Kingdom

Dear Joulu Pukki, Did you know that people here used to think that you were a goat?
- Johanna, 17, Vaasa, Finland

If my brother been bad,do I get all his gifts?
- Bradley, 8, Frederick, Maryland

Please make sure the reindeers eat all their carrots, tops too! becauase they're veggies are good for them!
- Tara, 5, Hartselle, Alabama

You are very good at keeping quiet on christmas eve, but I know you`re there.
- Edwina, 8, Londonderry, United Kingdom

I know that I may not get the bike because mom & dad said I had to wait until I was 9 to get a new bike.
- Brenna, 7, Albany, New York

My friends didnt beleive that I could email Santa. This is cool!
- Mikaela, 8, Bangor, Maine

Thank you for thinking of me and all the other kids around the world.
- Michael, 7, Davidson, North Carolina

I like your other countries uniforms!
- David, 9, Oakville, Ontario

My Dad did the naughty/nice test and was called a little stinker. Please give him somthing he did'nt mean to be bad.
- Saoirse, 10, Carbury, Ireland

Is rudolfs nose that way cuz he always has a cold?
- Lucy, 27, Southampton, United Kingdom

Dear Santa, I have been I good boy this year but I have had quarrels and even fights with my brother and I'm going to try and be better about stopping a fight instead of adding to it.
- Austin, 10, Middleburg, Virginia

I want everyone in the world to play nicer with each other. Mommy wants everyone to take better care of the world and Daddy just wants to read his Sunday paper in peace.
- Ellis, 7, Swindon, United Kingdom

Does your Mommy make you stop and brush your toothes after you have milk and cookies at each house?
- Celine, 4, Wilmington, Delaware

I will like to have snow in my country.Our country does not have snow.It is a tropical island.
- Laura, 11, Sangre Grande, Trinidad & Tobago

I heard you in my house this morning but I could not find you. I heard you twice.
- Candice, 9, Statesboro, Georgia

Christmas in Australia is very hot, so remember to put on some sunscreen.
- Katie, 6, Sydney, Australia

Mommy is helping me gather together all the toys that I don't play wth anymore to give to the children that don't have any.
- Rebecca, 4, Cheektowaga, New York

I have tried to be very good all year, I only messed up a few times, but I tried my best, and thats what my mom and dad said counts.
- Heather, 8, Cape May Court House, New Jersey

I help my mom with the dishes and i help my grandma and grandpa by giving them lots of hugs .......So please give them something nice too!
- Katelyn, 6, Boston, New York

I love how you and your Elves can work together so well to get all the presents done by Christmas.
- Alexandra, 9, Fall River, Nova Scotia

Thank you for waving at me at the mall. You really do love me!
- Marisa, 2, Ogden Dunes, Indiana

could you bring me some nail polish too, cause other kids in school have some, and i dont.and i would like to wear it cause im a girl and girls do that kind of stuff. thank you Santa
- Deryn, 5, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Dear Santa, I'd prefer you bring us love and happiness not only during Christmas holidays, but also throughout the whole year!
- Stavroula, 6, Thessaloniki, Greece

I saw reindeer footyprints on the roof last year!
- Chris, 6, Moncton, New Brunswick

This is a special christmas cos we have our uncle saied staying from iran and he hasnt had a christmas before, cos they dont have xmas in iran only new year. It would be lovely if you could send a big sack of grownup presents for him too.
- Laylee, 8, Middlesbrough, England

This article was sent to in an email without attribution. If this is your content, please let us know so we can post the source or remove it if necessary. Thanks.

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By sarah,   From dublin
i want a iphone

By selena,   From richfield
I love you santa and tell Rudolph I love him and that he is my favorite reindeer

By brandon,   From margate
dear santer thank you for the wander full presents i all way belive in you all ways know what presantst from brandon stay in tuch can you get me a handberga

By donna,   From margate
hello i really like the comments i know you don't know me but i read all the comments.

By Mary,   From weaver
santa i realy want a pocket elf i am a girl with brown hair and blue eyes may you please send on for me tonight when i wake up i will cross my fingers to see her in the kichen please santa please

By Kyle,   From Grahame
i want tits for christmas :)

By karlie,   From san jose
I would likea fijita furreal my playful pup a ipad a lite spritewand a crayon maker a glow dome a glow book anda password journal and please halp the kids that are poor

By Santosh,   From Rhode Island
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Thank :-( Santosh.

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Thanks for the help ;-), Eadoin.

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