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I Love You, Man DVD Giveaway

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – Paramount Home Entertainment invites you to make a man-date on August 11, 2009 when the unforgettable bro-mantic comedy I LOVE YOU, MAN debuts on DVD and Blu-ray.  Paul Rudd (Role Models, Knocked Up) and Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) are “howlingly funny” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone) in “one of the funniest movies of the decade” (Steve Oldfield, “Fox -TV”), a story of a guy with no male friends who finds himself in need of a best man.  After a series of awkward outings, Peter (Rudd) finally bonds with fun-loving Sydney (Segel).  Rudd and Segel’s “bro-mance” takes male-bonding to hilarious new heights in a story that comically explores what it truly means to be a friend.

The I Love You, Man DVD and Blu-ray presentations include commentary by director John Hamburg (writer, Meet The Parents, Zoolander) and stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, The Making of I Love You, Man, 50 minutes of hilarious outtakes, deleted and extended scenes and a gag reel.

The I Love You, Man DVD  discs include the following special features:

    •    The Making of I Love You, Man (HD) – An 18-minute feature with cast interviews and a special look behind-the-scenes of the  film’s most outrageous moment
    •    Outtakes (HD) – Hilarious alternate versions of scenes with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel
    •    Extended Scenes (HD)
    •    Deleted Scenes (HD)
    •    Gag Reel (HD)
    •    Commentary by director John Hamburg and actors Paul Rudd and Jason Segel

GreatDad Contest

Win an I Love You, Man DVD. To enter the contest, simply tell us which is most annoying child's toy and why . Send in your answers using the comment form below. Last date for entries is July 25, 2009.

Read the rules and regulations.

Contest Update: The contest is closed. See the winner's page.

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By Gianna,   From Cambridge
Because it's so annoying!

By Lily,   From Las Vegas
The most annoying child's toy is Bratz because they're so trashy!

By Helen,   From El Paso
My eldest daughter was given this train that plays songs and she adored it and would play with it all the time, so when the batteries died out. I told her it was broken instead of replacing them.

By Elizabeth,   From USA
I don't mind noisy toes but I didn't like the kazoo. When the sound comes out harshly like that, I can't take it.

By kerri,   From council bluffs
my girls had the booba daools and they were the weirdest thing it used to be on pbs and these dolls would sing their weird theme song and the girls would do it over and over

By theodore,   From north riverside
I hate drum sets.

By Charlene,   From Spotsylvania
The Fisher Price lawn mower.I
felt like blowing it up.A constant
winding sound

By Drew,   From Canal Winchester
Pokemon cards. No explanation required

By Christy,   From evansville
Drum set - need I say more?

By checkers,   From Monongahela
LOus noises, the neighbors dirtbike or quad.

By kathy,   From west rutland
MY DAUGHTER HAD A BARNEY toy that used to sing over and over and over i love you,you love me. i heard that sooooooooooooooo much that i almost went

By Sheila,   From Kansas City
Any electronic keyboard. My daughter has had three that other people bought, and I can't stand them!

By Buddy,   From Jefferson
Tickle Me Elmo has an irritating voice.

By JONI,   From ERIE
probably a squirt gun...the kids can always outrun me so I get soaked.

By john,   From Utica
Any toy that has a siren on it because I do not like loud noise.

By Sarah,   From Los Angeles
It's really hard to pick just one! TMX Elmo really drives me nuts so I'll go with that.

By Kristy,   From prestonsburg
I hate anything that has loud sounds.. sirens, whines, etc. Furbies used to drive me crazy!

By Debbie,   From Carthage
anything related to spongebob squarepants! he's so annoying

By Deidre,   From Saint Louis
anything that is hard and can be tossed around easily!

By Kathleen,   From SoCal
The Hungry Hungry Hippos game because it is SO loud!

By christopher,   From elk grove
the drum set, i'ts just a bit too loud

By Sherri,   From Pinetown
I don't know what the title of the game is, but there is a Muppets racing game that the kids play on the PS2. It has the most annoying sound effects and whenever they play it, they turn up the volume. Makes me want to scream!!!!

By Mishia,   From Sacramento
The furby! It's annoying because all you do is walk by and the creepy thing is making crazy alie sounds at you.

By Whitney,   From Wichita
Tickle Me Elmo scares the crap out of me. But as far as annoying goes, I'd definitely say those Bratz dolls/toys - yuck!

By Edward,   From Stoneham
I'd say those stupid rolling popcorn poppers.

By Shania,   From Irving
Anything that plays music or talks anytime you touch it. Because kids always want to touch it a millions times a day.

By Jenny,   From West Linn
The most annoying child's toy is a drum set -- or any other toy that makes loud noises. Giving such a gift to someone else's child should be grounds for justifiable homicide.

By Ed,   From Skokie
Betsy Wetsy!

By Jennifer,   From Arlington
I cannot stand play-doh... it always seems to wind up in my hair.

By Theresa,   From San Diego
Most annoying toy? Has to be Furby. (Or any other toy that gives a guilt trip for not playing with it!)

By Miranda,   From Louisburg
I would love this movie to add to my collection

By Jillian,   From Downingtown
anything that squeaks or sings

By Leilani,   From Houston
Tickle Me Elmo. His baby voice is so annoying! (I recognize that he is a baby, but still!)

By Timothy,   From Lexington
A fireman's hat with a siren and light on top. Worse toy ever!

By Gabriel,   From Winfield
My son's guitar! Too noisy!!!

I think that the drums for kids are the most obnixious.

By Erma,   From Washington Court House
I think it was Barney the talking dino. That voice was so weird.

By Kate,   From St. Louis
FURBY! Those things are super creepy!

By Jill,   From Hendersonville
Definitely an easy question for me. For me it has to be the rolling popcorn poppers where the balls jump up and down as they roll it across the floor. And it always seems as if someone that doesn't live there has to buy your children one lol.
Thank you so much for the chance to win.

By Colleen,   From Banks
All of the horrible loud music toys!

By Ashley,   From San Francisco
POLLY POCKETS!!! too many little parts- they get everywhere!!

By Catherine,   From Chehalis
I would say that anything that makes lots of noise and is repetitive. Drums, speak and says, any talking stuffed animal. They are all hard to tolerate after a while.

By beth,   From Xenia
My sons drum set. It is electronic and seems to go off all the time. Drives me looney Thank you for the chance

By Mia,   From Concord
Some of those new dolls that talk and cry when you hold them and even when you put them down after a couple minutes they start up again, Now that is truly annoying.

By Kimberly,   From Milwaukee
I think Hungry Hungry Hippos is the most annoying game. Not only is it noisy, but no little kid can resist either tilting the board or reaching and grabbing marbles. At best, a kit gets their finger pinched. At worst, there is a brawl. No good resolution.

By Carol,   From Pittsburgh
We bought the grandkids space guns that emitted an ear splitting set of about five sounds,then we sent them home with the toys.

By Monique,   From Puyallup
Boobahs are the most annoying. Thanks for the chance.

By SaraLee,   From Wyoming
The light up and sound sword!

By Jacob,   From Helena

By Molly,   From Isanti
My son has a Buzz Lightyear toy that talks and makes "laser" sounds. It is so annoying. It is so sensitive that it seems to go off all the time.

By Liz,   From New Rochelle
Baby Alive definitely. That cry was like nails on a chalkboard.

By David,   From Fayetteville
I would have to say video games, because all of those sound/voice effects can really give you a headache. Also, the game controllers are terrible as well, especially when you're pushing the buttons pretty hard.

By Sharon,   From North Bellmore
The most annoying toy was and will forever be the furby! Even when you turned it off it STILL wouldn't stop! Agh!

By Ken,   From Keyport NJ
Most annoying toy? Probably those hand push popcorn ball popping toys. Too noisy and rattling to the brain. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

By Paula,   From Florence
A train that goes around and around while smoke that stinks comes out of the smokestack.

By Megan,   From San Francisco Bay
Toy drums! So annoying! I was on an airplane where a mother gave her kid small toy drum to play with and the whole flight he kept banging on it, I was about to flip out! Thanks for the giveaway!

By Don,   From Blue Springs
Leggos are cool, but hurt like hell when you step on them.

By Jim,   From Milwaukee
As much as I love Star Wars, any of the battery powered guns get annoying really quickly.

By Jennifer,   From San Antonio
My daughter has a cookie jar that everytime you put something in it, it sings an annoyingly long song.

By April,   From Cocoa
The Fisher-Price Corn Popper classic toy. I hate that noisy, nerve wracking toy.

By Kathleen,   From State College
Anything to do with Barney is/was annoying. kport207 at gmail dot com

By bob,   From covington
Furbees. I want to make them say vile things and blame it on someone else.

By angie,   From lenoir city
Barney was always the most annoying toy to me. Something about Barney just irritated me.

By Christine,   From Denton
Any toy that plays a song! Through the course of a day you end up hearing the same kids song at least a hundred times.

By Jason,   From Rochester
My daughter has a musical Tea Set that when tipped over plays a series of short tones. So when left on it's side it will continue to play that series of tones until righted.

By Anne,   From Fenton
The Elmo doll that talks.

By Angela,   From Lakeport
Our kids had those push clackers when they were toddlers that were annoying.

By John,   From Los angeles
any toy that makes noise, especially late at night or before dawn

By Donna,   From sharpsville
sign me up, i;d love to have this one

By russell,   From boiling springs
I want to win, Elmo annoys me big time.

By Deborah,   From Andover
The most annoying children's toy is the game, "Hungry, Hungry Hippos". It is the most noisy toy on the planet as children must catch a bunch of noisy marbles with a hippo head. (You have to be there). Never never never would I subject any parent to this! Thank you!

By Mike,   From Holiday
i want to win

By DeeAnn,   From Pottstown
The most annoying childs toy is the toy piano! All you hear is tink-tink-tink clink clank with no rhyme or reason to the noise. I banned it from the house and made it an outside only, down the block, around the corner toy! ;)

By tung,   From san diego
musical toys like horns & drums - adult ear drums can only handle so much...

By Chris,   From Frederick
The most annoying child's toy is Legos, because the parts end up all over the house, and they hurt when you step on them. Thanks for the giveaway!

By Gena,   From Oklahoma City
Those "ray guns" that have about 5 noises that they circulate through and seem to get louder everytime!

By Evelyn,   From ny
My son has this play hammer that makes a glass sound (hate it) and also the Wiggles car toy it sings the same song over and over and over

By David,   From Lancaster
little drum set

By Cynthia,   From USA
Any talking toy is annoying to me.

By Andrew,   From reminderville
my daughter has a singing hannah montana doll that she plays constantly

By Tina,   From Newhall
Those Hanna Montana guitars that play different Hanna Montana songs when you press the buttons. I hate that show and I can't believe my brother lets her bring it to my house! Annoying!

By Erica,   From Baltimore
Barney the Dinosaur stuffed animals that talk! "I love you" is so annoying in his voice!

By Ellen,   From Mount Dora
Any kind of toy drum set - too noiosy. I also don't like Tickle Me Elmo.

By Ruben,   From Los Angeles
The most annoying toy for kids these days is, hands down, those tickle me Elmo dolls. Very irritating after a while.

By Jaque,   From Phoenix
This is an easy one....the little plastic workbench that comes with a hammer. The idea is to pound the objects(fake nails,etc.) until they are level with the bench, then turn it over and pound it again. The noise is grating on the nerves and quite obnoxious!

Thank you.:-)

By Cody,   From USA
Some of those sesame street characters with voiceboxes that never quit.

By sandy,   From usa
anything that can make obnoxious noise- i got over stepping on legos and figure the noise is the horrible thing when you want to sleep and they are banging on the drums all day

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