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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition DVD and Blu-Ray Combo Plush Pack Giveaway

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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Disney presents the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs: Diamond edition DVD and Blue- Ray combo plush pack. The plush pack includes a plush of each of the seven dwarfs as well as a Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack. Limited time Disney Blu-ray Combo Packs include a Blu-ray and a DVD of the movie all in one package. Combo Packs provide unprecedented value, quality, and versatility with the exceptional picture and sound of Blu-ray and the extended utility of DVD. You can enjoy the incredible high definition experience of Blu-ray at home, and use the DVD in the kids' room, in the car, or on your computer. Disney Blu-ray Combo Packs are the perfect way to start your Blu-ray collection!

Movie Video:

GreatDad Contest

Win a  Snow White and Seven Dwarfs: Diamond edition DVD and Blue- Ray combo plush pack! To enter the contest, simply tell us what's the most embarassing date story you've heard and why. Send in your answers using the comment form below. Last date for entries is October 15, 2009.

Read the rules and regulations.

Contest Update: The contest is closed. See the winner's page.
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By steven,   From dix hills
I went to club med with my brother . O the first dinner they sit you boy girl boy girl. Kind of like a blind date. So we start eating and I like hot peppers. They served a buffet and in the buffet was habenro peppers. I did not know they could be sooo hot. So I ate one whole. Two bites and swollowed. Man I couldn't see how red my face was but , I could feel it boy. I started swetting real bad and had to get up and leave. All the water in the world was not helpin me. Well those girls didnt speack or dance with us the entire week .

By Gianna,   From Cambridge
I don't have one. I read about one a few weeks ago where someone's date stole their car. Now that's pretty bad!

By heather,   From georgetown
being setup with your ex...awkward and hilarious at the same time!

By Chrysa,   From Cambridge
Well, embarassing for my date was the first date where he ran over my cat driving into our driveaway. Actually, more traumatic than embarassing!

By Cristi,   From Ft. Laramie
When you go to your junior prom and your date falls asleep and you have to leave early. it was horrible.

By Veronica,   From Jefferson
I heard a story about ths poor girl who went on a blind date. When she met the guy it was her exhusband.

By Sand,   From El Paso
I had a friend who was pulled over on a first date.

By Holly,   From Queen Creek
My date had come to the house to pick me up and I forgot something inside so I ran back in while he was in the car with the headlights pointing toward my front porch. I came out of the house (it was dark) and tripped over my sons razor scooter and fell flat on my face...literally! He was so nice about it though, but I was mortified the rest of the evening.

By dawn,   From whittier
Forgetting I had two dates on te same night and seeing one while I was with the other. Ouch!

By Rose,   From Jackson
Friends fixed me up years ago with a guy who opened a flask in my convertible while I was driving, then he fell asleep on the way to the date (lunch), and woke up when I drove him back to the parking lot of my job (at the court house!) and said, "Are we there yet?" when we got back. It was hilariously embarrassing to tell the tale when asked how the date went.

By katiea,   From oxford
I kept telling myself that it would be fine this time, but aparently while trying to impress my date (now my husband) with my exotic taste for food, I ate some fish that I was allergic to and had to be carted out of the restaurant in an ambluance. That was fun. Everything worked out though and I don't eat fish of any kind now.

By Justine,   From Olympia
Well the most embarrassing date story would be the one where the guy came over to the girl's apartment and during a Halloween party he stayed in the bedroom all night with her friend...then, after the girl came in and asked what was up, he jumped from her second story window and ran away, all the while yelling, 'I never even liked you, now please leave me alone!' All her friends were horrified, it was awful! And by the way, I know this story cause it happened to me! Ridiculously embarassing!

By Casey,   From Overland Park
The day of my very first date, my dad walked around the house with a chainsaw asking "When's the boy commin'?"

By Marilyn,   From Castro Valley
I love it

By Donna,   From Crandall
I read about a bad date in a magazine where the girl was meeting the boys parents for the first time and she had uncontrollable gas! Had to be soooo embarrassing.

By susan,   From quincy
My friend went on a blind date and she was having a good time when she went to the bathroom. When she came out her skirt was in her panties. She was so embarrassed. The date ended soon after that and they never saw each other again.

By Richard,   From Winston Salem
My most embarrassing date happened during high school. We went out for a great evening date and I took her home later around 9pm. I kissed her and suddenly the porch lights came on. Yep, her dad!

By Bridget,   From Chesapeake
The first one that comes to mind is because I just passed this guy at work yesterday. Prior to working for the University i work for, I went out with an administrater there. While on our first and only fine dining date, my hair decided to develop super powers. Even though I do not wear hair product, somehow my hair picked up the straw out of of my sangria and thre it across the floor. I was so embarrassed and hoped he hadn't noticed. I pondered whether I was going to get up and walk over to pick it up but instead just left it there. Wasn't sure the proper thing to do. Not only did I thro thing at dinner but with my air on top of it! UGGGH!

By Lisa,   From Los Angeles
The most embarrassing story was one my sister told me. She went on a date with someone from a dating service who said he was tall, muscular, handsome and dark haired. When he arrived he was short, bald, and fat. He was embarrassed because my sister was like are you serious? Oh yeh he was also about 10 years older than he said he was in the initial contact also. Crazy, like she would not notice or something.

By Laura,   From East Hampstead
I just heard a horrible date story yesterday, a friend of mine was on a date with a girl and after the appetizers came out she started with "You and I would make the cutest kids! How many do you want? I want 3 of each." AHHHH!

By Tracy,   From Siloam Springs
Most embaressing date was the one I didn't know I was on. I had just moved to the Bay Area and found a cool girl to hang out with. I didn't know ANYBODY so we got tickets to a concert in the city and took the BART in. Turns out that she was into girls and didn't take the hint that I wasn't. I ended up calling a guy friend (now, my husband) to feign an emergency so I could get out of there. Over the course of the evening she tried to kiss me, wouldn't walk and smoke at the same time and made us miss the concert, convinced me to get on a bus and go to a neighborhood I'd never been to before that she swore she knew - and we got lost, then dragged me into a restaurant because she was 'famished' and then told the waiter she wasn't hungry after I ordered. I made my escape at her bathroom break!

By Brooke,   From Aberdeen
My friend agreed to go out with this guy that had been stalking err I mean showering her with attention... Any way... I told her if anything felt wrong to call and let me know... Well, I got a call telling me to grab a movie and come over because she was done with the date... Her date was at 8 and she called at 8:20.. Apparently, she opened the door and he said something to the likes of "Dang girl you look so hot I just wet myself" the worst part her roommate was a film student and allllways had his camera on so he caught it all on tape... LOL

By amy,   From allentown
I dont have one but these are pretty good

By gloria,   From sebewaing
I was in high school and my date came to the door with shorts on. My dad embarrassed me and said he had hairy legs.

By hazel,   From foley

By Cheryl,   From Coalgate
Oh I got the best. My brother kept hounding me to go out with a new kid in his class and I finally agreed. The date night my brother dropped me off at the kids house and left. I went up to the door and told the dad I was here to go on a date with his son. The dad looked at me funny but invited me in. He called up to his son "Son, your date is here", and down came a middle aged man who was balding and had on thick, thick glasses. I said isn't this Bryan's house, and they said "oh Bryan ,,,," lives next door, would you like me to walk you over there". I was bright red-faced and declined politely. That was the last time I ever listened to my brother.

By Julie,   From Grosse Pointe Woods
Someone in Michigan had her date steal her car!

By Steve,   From Hailey
I went to a concert and my date pulled out a joint.

By Jenny,   From West Linn
On a date, I was wearing a long skirt with an elastic waist. We were walking up the stairs in a very fancy restaurant and the hem of the skirt caught on the metal railing. When I took my next step, the skirt yanked halfway down my butt and then ripped...

By Ed,   From Skokie
Someone told me that on a blind date, the other person excused himself, came back, and said, "I've paid the check; have a good evening." How uncouth!

By weldon,   From LR
No comment.

By Kimberly,   From Milwaukee
I went on a date with a guy who seemed perfectly normal. We went out to Applebees and he told me that's how I could tell he really liked me. Red flag #1 as the bill was $10- we only had an appetizer. He was 30 and living with his parents and helping them fix up their house. Red flag #2. He had no intentions of ever leaving the nest and explained that "They had to die sometime" and he wanted the house to be nice for when he inherited it. This was just awkward. The embarassing part came when he decided to top off the night by parking the car in a hospital parking lot like a teenager instead of taking me home. A patroling police officer confronted us because we obviously looked suspicious. I was humiliated as they checked our ids and questioned us. Clearly clueless, he seemed to think it was romantic.

By Jackee,   From Ogden
Most embarrassing date....a friend of mine was meeting her date at his house before the went out for the evening. She had been sick but really wanted to go on the date. Anyhow, once she got to his house, her stomach went sour and she had to use his bathroom ASAP...well there was no fan, no spray. no get the point :) She was so embarrassed she cancelled the date and went home.

By gordon,   From plymouth
My first date with my wife was the movie THE DEER HUNTER--real upbeat film!

By michele,   From Mississippi
Thank you for the giveaway! The most embar. date story? I'd have to say the stories my husband told me about growing up and dating would definitely work. He has a large family and said that every time he went on a date, he would find out they were family members after the date! Poor guy, at least he found me when he was living in California, lol.

By James,   From Anaheim
My most embarrassing date story I've heard was because it happened to me! I went on a blind date and I found out it was to a cousin I hadn't seen it 15 years and didn't recognize her or her me.

By Claudia,   From Big Sandy
one of my favorites

By bob,   From covington
I can win this one! A friend of mine agreed to a blind date. The date was his first cousin. They laughed it off and went to dinner and had a great time - Platonic, of course.

By Jillian,   From Downingtown
a friend of mine got her period wearing white pants on a frist date

By Beverly,   From Smiths Station
i was on a date and i was shaking the ketchup bottle and the lid flew off and got all over me!! i was so embarrassed! he never called back LOL

By Erma,   From Washington Court House
The one I heard was when the girl farted in front of her date.

By Melanie,   From Chandler
I was asked out on a date after selling a man a pair of eyeglasses. He met me after work and we went to a pizza place nearby. The conversation was terrible, the food was terrible, and at the end of the night, it was awkward when he leaned into a kiss and I stopped him dead in his tracks. Yeah, there was no phone call after.

By Christie,   From Louisville
My worst date was with a guy who drank all through the date while he talked about the girl he just broke up with. By the end of the night he was crying and threw up on my shoes in the parking lot. Not good.

By Shelbie,   From San Jose
Would have to say when I went on a blind date with someone, who actually turned out to be a guy I had went on a blind date with years earlier, we hated each other! Now THAT was embarrasing!

By Angela,   From Spanaway
I had mayo on my chin during most of my first date with my husband!

By Denyse,   From Sayreville
The most embarrassing date stroty. A blind date was going to make me breakfast before we spent the day together. I arrived at his house and he answered the door naked I laughed and slammed the door shut and left! Now come on, was he really thinking he'd get something that way?

By hector,   From imperial
actually I went to se a movie with a girl and I pee my self in the theater and ran out on her

By Anne,   From North Riverside
My worst date was with a geek that had misrepresented himself on a dating website (150+ lb lie actually, he was nearly 400 lbs). I didn' want to seem shallow, so I hung out and gave him a chance. He "forgot his wallet" and got winded climbing up the stairs to the restaurant... Additionally, we had nothing in common. What a bummer!

By Jeff,   From Dover
I have a "friend" who is 47 years old and has never been on a real date - that is embarrassing

By Kathy,   From Hailey
Grandma collects anything related to Snow White. She would love this.

By Michelle,   From Graham
On a boat with a first date and my top blew off while I was sitting on the deck. My leg was broken and I was on crutches. I could not maneuver on the deck to get it. I knew it would eventually blow over the side. He kindly went and got it for me. I was so embarassed!!

By Kelly,   From Bossier City
Snow White likes little guys.

By Mike,   From Holiday
i want to win

By courtney,   From sun city
going out on a blind date and SO not being attracted to that person

By Sharon,   From Norwood
I fixed my cousin up with a friend from college (turned out to be an ex friend after that). She got ALL dressed up because he said he was taking her out fancy. He shoed up in ripped jeans old t and dirty sneakers. Took out for pizza and bowling. What a horrible evening

By Jill,   From Shippensburg
Going out on a blind date and finding out his friend is coming along because he doesn't have a license.

By Carol,   From WASHINGTON
I don't have an embarrassing story but By Theresa, From Davenport has to be the best.

By Barry,   From Fort Thomas
Please add my name to this contest so I can add this one to my DVD collection.

By Kirsten,   From Puyallup
Would really like this for my granddaughter

By Rosalie,   From Wilbraham
Finally agreed to a date with a certain gentleman I'll call "Pockets". He wore a fisherman's vest and matching cargo pants. Pockets EVERYWHERE! All guests must be approved by Lady, my guard dog. He was determined to win my favor by making friends with her. He approached her with the dumbest line ever: "Nice doggy!" and she returned the favor by tearing a large gaping hole in the front crotch of his pants. He oddly enough had duct tape in one of his pockets and quickly taped them together as he made a sheepish exit. So long, Pockets! My dog is a genius!

By Traci,   From Flower Mound
Would love this classic movie for the whole fam.

By Rodney,   From Waretown
Hope I win

By Richard,   From La Mirada
A childhood favorite, big Disney fan

By christopher,   From elk grove
i went out on a blind date with what turned out to be my ex

By Tonya,   From Hayward
love to win this for the kids

By Michelle,   From Eastpointe
my most embarrasing was my also my only one night stand. The date went fantastic, in fact too fantastic and we ended up back at my house. It was also a very hot night and day so blankets and ( AHEM) clothing was tossed aside.
The next morning my mother stopped over and let herself in. She thought I might be sleeping in or she knew I hd a date the night before and I was until I heard the door open. The problem ws I didn't wake up fast enough.
Next thing I knew she was opening my bedroom door to full view of our ( AHem Again) totally naked, no blanketed bodies. I quickly screamed "Mom, shut the door" and in her shock she nodded okay, stepped into my room and shut the door behind her. My date was now awake but keeping his eyes closed out of embarresment and I screamed super loud at my mother. "No, shut the door with you on the other side of it!"
For what seemed like forever she stood there like a deer caught in headlights before she understood and left the room.
All I could say was sorry over and over again as I quickly dressed and ran out of the room to get rid of dear old mom.
By the time I got back he was dressed and just about ran out the door. Needless to say I never heard from him again.

By Terry,   From Lafayette
Great contest!!! Thanks.....

By MA,   From Flagler Beach
Going bowling with the blind date who showed up with his own personalized bowling ball, bowling ball carrying case and bowling shoes did it for me!!!

By Carol,   From Wayne
Could it get worse than this? My date fell asleep face forward into his salad at the diner we went to after our movie date. Even more pathetic? I married him!

By Monique,   From Puyallup
Thanks for the chance.

By Stacy,   From Pittsburgh
My friend went on a blind date and her date truned out to be her ex.

By Kathy,   From Lafayette
Wonderful movie... I remember it vividly from my childhood a LOOONG time ago!!!

By John,   From Framingham
love snow white

By Theresa,   From Davenport
Heard: Bitter winter. Early in relationship. Girl had to take nature call. Car stop. Girl at end of car, squatting, rests hand to balance self on metal bumper. Her hand freezes on contact to bumper. Em-bare-ass-ing. Pants are down, unable to pull them up. Nature call on ground steaming. And...he has to urinate on her hand to release it.

By Heather,   From Roswell
My friend went on a blind date. The guy seemed kind of like a jerk but she tried to keep an open mind. He didn't give her a choice in where to go. They went to a cheap restaurant that was kind of dirty. He told her what to get and when the bill came asked her to pay it all. She was ticked off and that was the last date.

By Donna,   From Pioche
great contest

By Andrew,   From reminderville
being setup with someone who turns out to be your cousin is funny.

By Marcia,   From Manahawkin
I'd love to win this Disney movie for my granddaughters. Thanks

By Steven,   From Gardendale
Mt daughters still love this movie

By Richard,   From La Mirada
Nice prize for the grandkids

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