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Father's Day Book Giveaway

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By GreatDad Writers   Print
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This Father's Day, Hachette Book Group offers you the chance to win the following books:

Moment of Glory by John Feinstein                


Bad Lies: A Field Guide to Lost Balls, Missing Links, and Other Golf Mishaps by Charles Lindsay


GreatDad Contest

Three people will have the opportunity to win both these books. To enter the contest, simply tell how do you want to spend Father's Day this year? Are you okay with whatever the family plans for you or do you want to do something special?

Send in your answers using the comment form below. Last date for entries is June 16, 2010.

Read the rules and regulations.

Contest Update: The contest is closed. See the winner's page.

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By Gianna,   From Cambridge
Homemade dinner, dessert, gifts and a movie :)

By Buddy,   From Jefferson
I'm happy with whatever my family has planned. To me its all about having your family with you. That's what important.

By Melissa,   From Holden
My kids are going to cook dinner for their father, then we'll watch a movie.

By Thomas,   From Nazareth
As long as I spend it with my family, I'm happy. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win.

By Robert,   From Saint Peters
The kids are grown and living out of town, but I'll get phone calls. DW will let me choose whether I'd rather have a home cooked meal or be "taken out". And I'll relax and watch the ball game. An overall pleasant day.

By Melanie,   From Cordova
We are all taking a road trip to Nashvlle for Father's Day!

By Carolyn,   From San Antonio
I want to spend this Father's Day on the phone listening to Dad's words of wisdom and stories from years gone by until neither of us can find anything more to share.

By Kayce,   From Knoxville
I want to spend Father's Day at the mall.

By Susan,   From Olathe
I'm taking my Dad out to his favorite restaurant

By Theresa,   From Monticello
I want to take my dad out to dinner.

By Jessica,   From Panama city
For father's Day I want to take out my husband to a fondue restaurant.

By sherry,   From madison
My dad is almost long as I am with him that is all that matters :)

By Kayla,   From the bronx
My dad wants to go golfing and then out to dinner so thats how I'll spend it which sounds great to me!

By Vanse,   From NYC
My wife and kids usually make a big dinner for me and then I get free reign over the remote- thats how I prefer my fathers day ESPN with no complaints or Disney Channel interuptions

By Krista,   From Bronx
I want to go out to lunch, thats what we usually do for fathers day- its tradition! :)

By Ed,   From Skokie
A baseball game and dinner out is perfect for me!

By mia,   From bronx
i want to spend this fathers day with my dad. enjoying his presence and just me knowing what a great dad he is makes it all the better. i would love to take him to a restaurant that he enjoys, or just making dinner for him. Hes my dad and he deserves the best

By Josh,   From Biloxi
This is my first dad's day being a dad so I will be spending all day with my wife and son. Anything we do will be fine as I am just grateful to be a dad.

By Jason,   From Elko
My dad wants to spend the day on the pontoon fishing and grilling and I am ok with that!


By Melissa,   From Upper Lake
This fathers day I am going to spend the day with my grandpa who is 85 so any time I get with him is a great day of memories that I can keep forever.

By mary,   From vero beach
sign me up this would be great for those dads who'd love to golf and can't get out there in the Florida heat to go do it in the summer time, so please sign me up, my boys as well as my husband, would all love it, and I'd hope to win because I'd know my husband would enjoy it totally! thanks

By Joannie,   From Brownsville
I want to spend Father's Day taking my father on a surprise picnic and ending up at his favorite blueberry patch and fishing hole.

By Denise,   From Evans
I want to go out to lunch.

By Amber,   From Naperville
I want to make breakfast in bed for my dad and then go out on the paddle boars in my town!

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