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Guide for Dads: Libraries

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By George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D.   Print
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We know that reading aloud to children is a good idea, but what should we read aloud? Good books provide a solid foundation for reading aloud. Fortunately, it is easy to find books and other materials to read aloud to children.


In her insightful book about helping children learn to read, poet Lee Tzu Peng pointed out children’s literature represents some of the best writing and artwork being done. Today, children’s literature is enjoying an unprecedented blossoming with a wide range of quality work on offer. Thus, it is not difficult to find books that children will enjoy and that we will we will also take pleasure in.


Libraries are gold mines for readers. To this day, Wan Inn’s children have fond memories of the reading program in a public library where they went for story telling sessions and book discussions and where they got books to read at home. The library became a second home for them. George’s niece and nephew are always keen to visit a library.


Get to know the librarians. In fact, some librarians specialize in reading material for children. They can recommend books and let children know about programs held at the library, such as story telling programs.


Help children become familiar with libraries, including
   a. opening hours
   b. proper library behavior
   c. how to find books
   d. where different types of books can be found
   e. where to sit to look at books
   f. how to borrow books
   g. how many books can be borrowed at one time
   h. what to do with books that have been taken from the shelf but not borrowed
   i. how to return books
   j. how to take proper care of library books


Dad reminder: You can start to read to your kids at ANY age. It's fun for the kids and dad. It really is a dad duty!


- George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D.


Dr. George Jacobs, Ph.D. and Dr. Wan Loh Inn, Ed.D. are the authors of many books (including "The Read Aloud Guide", textbooks for teachers and students, curriculum guides, and children's storybooks).

Find out more about reading aloud to your kids.


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